Spamming a non blogger - Thelandira

How does one go about finding a reader who is neither a blogger, nor on twitter?

:D Thank God for Mr Google!  And Armo(u)ry!

Thelandira has posted comments on my blog as both Thelandira and as Sheeturself.  A quick search of Thelindara revealed that Solonor Thelandira is the elven god of hunting in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting Forgotten realms.  Well, that helped to explain why there are so many hunters named Thelandira when I tried to find the name on the armory!

Sheeturself however, is a little more unique.  A google search of that showed only one person, and when I went to look that up, there happened to be a person named Thelandira in the guild too!  Well!  So off I went to look for her.

I wasn't lucky the first time but the second time I was!  There was only one person online and I "suspected it was her" but I wasn't sure!

Navimie: hi there :) I was wondering if I could ask you a question about one of your guildies? :)
Sheetahn: hello Navi.... this is Sheeturself :o)
Navimie: hello sheet :D I was hoping it was you :) how are you? :)
Sheetahn: I'm so glad to see you
Navimie: I'm very pleased to meet you!

Thelandira even said that she was wondering earlier in the day, as she read my blog, whether I only visited bloggers!  However, she soon found out that it wasn't the case, and we talked about the game, and she said that her guild was very quite of late, but that gave her plenty of opportunity to work on her transmog sets for all her characters!  We chatted about her work (she works shift type hours) and her hopes for Mists that her guild would come back and they could do more things.

I've noticed that when people carry me on flying mounts and we zone into certain areas, I get thrown off!  But then I end up with an achievement LOL!

She brought out all her characters for me to see, and she does have some fantastic transmogs!

Someone saw us doing the red and green paladin set and whispered her "I likeyour red set better."  LOL!  What do you guys think?

Thel came to my site through Big Bear Butt's - she runs his ICC 25 mans with him and she knew a lot of bloggers through those runs!  It's such a small world, the World of Warcraft community :) She knew Mataoka too!

Thank you Thelandira for allowing me to visit and showcase all your sexy mogs!  First non blogger to be navispammed!


  1. Oh. My. God.

    That gnome transmog is easily the best thing I have ever seen. I am stealing it completely in all of its glory.

    1. Isn't it great! A shame the weapon chant (power torrent I'm sure) wrecks the look a bit because the weapon is such a good match!

  2. That's an impressive array of outfits for sure! Thanks, Thel, for letting Navi Spam you, so that we could see them all!

    I do like the red and gold paladin set better, but that's probably because I think that particular green set is a little silly (though the colour is lovely).

    1. I've been trying to think of a good name for that set. Beetledin? Pallybug?

  3. You're getting so good at finding people we'll have to call you Dr. Navi the Dectective!

  4. Thank you so much Navi for a fun adventure. I was thrilled to meet you and give you a little fashion show...especially since I don't have a blog to chat about...well, that is until now. :o) (yes, I decided to set one up)

    Thank you Tzufit & Kamilia for the mog compliments. I have had tons of fun putting together outfits. Originally, my gnome was going for a "rogue" look with the Silver-Thread set...but the hat I had just didn't work...neither did the staff. So, I decided to make her go all "space-woman" instead. The glow on her staff does look pretty cool actually, I think, with the outfit. Because it's always changing colors and such it gives me the impression of being active, or alive, and ready to fire off a laser beam at someone.

    As far as my "pally" sets...are they technically for paladins? I didn't have a paladin back in TBC days, and my work schedule had kept me from progressing very far, so I'm not sure if what Razikiel is wearing is Pally stuff or not. I just liked how it looked and went and got it. And Navi, even though Raz is a DK, I like the name "Beetledin" for his green

    1. Oh my I didn't realise he was a dk! I automatically thought parading! He will have to be beetle of death then.

      Woohoo blog! Off to go see....

  5. I have sighed in fan-girl joy over getting to know Sheet during those ICC runs - Bear only hangs with the coolest people, and have been so honored to tag along! /fans self in swooning motion!

    1. /blush

      See now, I'm in awe of all of you whom I get to run through ICC with. That is so nice to see/read Matty. Thank you!


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