Patch 5.0.4 Cool Stuff #7 - Login screen sound

The sound from the login screen has always bugged me.  It's so loud, it startles me, and it totally stuffs up when I'm trying to "stealthily" log into WoW. I used to just mute my computer for the login so nobody would know I was logging into WoW.

But since patch, there's this little sound thing in the top corner where you can mute that "DOONK" sound!  Yay!

Now I can sneak into WoW.  Awesome!


  1. Now why do you need to sneak into WOW? Afraid people might think you have an addicition? LOL


    1. You know how cats and dogs hear the rustle of the food bag? The sound of the WoW login is like that... it brings the kids running to see what mummy is up to, and also suddenly the chores appear "Did you take the rubbish out? Did you fold the laundry? Can you come over here and help me do ...?"
      Addiction no. Dirty secret? Maybe.

  2. Heh, I actually love hearing that sound. It's like I clicked on something epic. When I was playing D3, it had no sound when clicking the Play button on the launcher, it felt weird. >.>


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