One great night in Dragon Soul

Did I ever think this day would come?  It takes months and months and a 35% nerf to heroic Dragon Soul before we would see our guild clear it on heroic in one night, one shot.

It was quite nice really.  Falln and Shaba came along, as they weren't there for the first kill, and they got to see the mechanics of the fight.  It probably seemed really easy for them because we had ironed out all the mechanics we needed to know and so were doing it easily.

We did the achievement on Morchok for Gutsy, but Fue, Shab and Falln got it as well.  We forgot to to do the colour combinations for Yor'sahj, but hopefully can do that on normal mode one day!

I had a few stupid deaths.  I died on Ultraxion again.  I made a keybind for it and wanted to try it but that sucked, because I couldn't remeber the keybind!  Back I went to clicking.  I also died on Gunship I think.

I was pretty stoked because I got heroic Heart of the Unliving, which I used to think was crap, but now since I need spirit, it gives a f***ton of regen, so I could probably put some of my spirit back into mastery.  I also got my heroic gloves and even the heroic tier chest dropped.  Most people couldn't care about gear now, but I still would like to see myself in nice shiny epic gear come end of expansion.

We didn't rip off the plates in one go on spine this time, like we did last week!  I was a bit cranky they didn't get the plate off in one go because I was throwing my mana around like we were, and when the fight went a bit longer, I had to cut back on my healing and play more mana efficiently.  I used tranquility a lot to clear debuffs.  But we got it down eventually and that was pretty cool.

The bloods on the last platform were nerfed on heroic Madness - they were going SO SLOW!  Gosh, no wonder it was heaps easier this time.  Shab and Falln got their achievements for the kill, and I think they were happy to see the rewards after months and months of raiding.

So, who got the Lifebinder's Handmaiden this time?



He SCREAMED in vent when he won the roll.  OMG, I don't think I've ever heard him screaming in vent before for winning something.  Grats Roshii!!

One more week of Dragon Soul left, one more mount.  Who will be the lucky winner next week, I wonder?


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