Nightvyxen pops on for a brief visit!

Home server blogger alert!  Nightvyxen hasn't been online for ages, and I was surprised to see her pop up on my friends list the other day.  I first came across her when she commented on my blog, and was surprised to see that she was from my own home server of Dath'remar!

Her blog, named after herself, is about her guild and also about other games.  I can't get it to load at the moment and so I can't check what she's been up to, but Nightvyxen does play a whole bevy of other games, and like me is a mother, and has a busy life doing other things.  Recently, she told me that her daughter blogs on her blog, which I think is pretty cool - I really hope my daughter can do that with me when she's older!  Though imagining that I'll still be playing WoW and blogging in 10 years time... the mind boggles.

I have never managed to party up with her and heal a dungeon for her which I did want to do some time, but our moons and suns never aligned.

I'm not even sure if she's coming back in Pandaland!  (Edit: yesterday she replied my post and she is definitely coming back).  I hope she is, and if she's not, at least I got a rare picture with her on that awesome archaeology mount that makes me a shade that would match my outfit.

Thanks Vyxen!  Navispammed ya!


  1. Oh yes i am coming back in MoP, I'm currently leveling like a wench in guildwars2, I'll be lvl80 there before MoP is even out. I have pre-ordered my collectors copy too Gotta get those mounts, pets and cheeves =D

    I'm just so lucky not to be beta testing anymore, I swear I won't be doing that with 3/4 games at once again..haha!

    1. :D maybe we can finally play together ONE time in Mists!


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