Navimie and that Dang Fool Kallixta

Kallixta of Kallixta's Notes was the first person to follow me on Blogger.  For more than 3 weeks now I had been logging onto their server hoping to catch a glimpse of them, but no luck!  I was still trying the stealthy option, but you know how hit or miss that could be.

Expansion is creeping up on me and I wanted to see a few more people before it hit, because I'll be too busy to do it (except for Cross realm zone meet ups) when I'm doing that stupid grind levelling.  So I sent an email to Kallixta earlier this week and I got a reply!  And then I found that Kallixta was actually a guy... you can never tell on these RP servers!  I also mentioned in one of my posts I was trying to find him but not getting anywhere.  Geez, sometimes I wonder, if I can camp other bloggers, WHY CAN'T I CAMP TLPD OR AEONAXX??

Kallixta asked me last week to pop in and see his wife's blog, which is on papercraft.  I LOVE papercraft!  So I had a fun time browsing her great cardmaking scrapbooking ideas.  I especially love the slide out idea for scrapbooking/cards.  If you like papercraft go and have a look!

Forewarned is forearmed.  We swapped battletags, and Kallixta wrote his post Preparing for Navispam.  Now nobody has ever written a post like that before.  I had to laugh when he wrote:
...However, where once I was hoping to be considered for Navispam, it's different knowing she's coming.  I don't know what to WEAR!....
I know everyone wants to look their best when meeting people, but here I am turning up in my level one gear (in Aussie terms, turning up in a flannie and tracky dacks) and looking like a total slob, so I don't mind what you wear!  I had no idea people went to such lengths!  (When we did meet up, Kallixta was so cute :) I had to reassure him that there was nothing to worry about, I just am pleased to meet people, and it's really exciting finding that rare spawn blogger you've been trying to catch).

So I was about to log off yesterday and Kallixta pops online!  I said hi, all excited, and immediately went over on my navispam toon and look for her, and Kallixta brought his daughter Syylia as well - she's got the rocket mount :)  They took me... somewhere pretty, in the Dwarf area.  Green hills and lovely dwarven buildings.

It was late and I was a bit tired, so I wasn't as chatty as normal.  I asked Kallixta about why he likes dwarven females so much - he said that it was because he's 6'4".  Then I made some dirty jokes >< but I should restrain myself /grin.  After all, I want to leave a good impression!

He asked me to get on Vent, but because it was so late, I didn't want my laughing and talking to wake the house up, so I had to decline.  Would have liked to otherwise, but never mind, there will be other times.

This was Kallixta's holy set.  I asked about Mrs Kallixta and whether she plays, and Kallixta told me how they met in a computer game.  Not WoW, but something else.

Syllia is Kallixta's oldest daughter, and she likes mounts and pets and things.  Good choice IMO!  I told her that her father was my first blog follower (I have 20 followers and 2 of them are myself - I haven't quite figured out how to unfollow myself, Blogger doesn't make it very easy!) and how because of that I'm such a fan of his RP blog, and she laughed and said you should have heard Dad around the house when he knew I was coming to spam him.  She pulled out a few pets and I took a picture with one on my head (it took me a few mins to compose it right) but it was too silly to put here on this blog!

(Edit:  Kallixta doesn't think it would be too silly, so here, I've added it in)

Another mog set!  I must say, I think the guild tabard is very fetching.  I like it very much.

And Aldonza, the chef!  Aldonza is rather shy and gentle and doesn't like going out into the world to level by killing things, so she does it by doing her dailies.  She also contributes to the critter achievement for her guild by taking her creepy crate around.  Aldonza has her own story here as part of a Blog Azeroth Shared topic.

I was getting too sleepy by then, I wished I could have chatted longer!  But we have battletag so we can talk any time.  Thank you for finally letting me come and see you Kallixta!


  1. Yay! You finally captured the elusive Kallixta! And a bonus Syllia, well done!

    1. I finally found him! Phew, took ages! :D

  2. Hmmm. Navi how many blogs do you read? Someone call Blogs Readers Anon for Navi! Time for an intervention! :P

    1. I have a lot of time on my hands sometimes...

  3. This was so much fun. Thank you Navi!

    "They took me... somewhere pretty, in the Dwarf area"

    It's Loch Modan. I deduce someone has never levelled a Dwarf or Gnome!

    I met my wife playing Dungeons and Dragons in college, a fact that tickles our kids. She's played WoW, but not much. There are other games she prefers. She's warned us that her tolerance is already short for us talking about the Pandaria release.

    "it was too silly to put here on this blog"

    Hm... Has anybody else heard of Navi apply such a standard? I think she's just making things up.

    I find it interesting that Aldonza snuck Kallixta's Assistant Professor title on, because Aldonza has never learned Archealogy! In theory it's possible now she flies to manage it without aggroing mobs, but she's still too fearful to attempt it!

    1. It was fun! But we must do it again sometime :) I have so many more things I wanted to ask!

    2. My Life is an Open Book.

      Well, maybe a book, but it's on the shelf. It isn't locked or anything. And it's collecting dust. If it were open, all that dust might damage things. Really, everything is safer with it being on the shelf.

      Actually, I don't know where that metaphor is going, but it's probably down hill. It's all down hill from here.

      Alright. Who let these metaphors out of their cage?

    3. I am sitting here gigging...not laughing....giggling!

    4. Truly, your wife, my sweet Kallixta, doesn't mind the talk about Pandaria. It was the number of hours you had been putting in to WOW when the dryer was broken that I was complaining about. BUT now that you fixed the dryer (he gets the hint when I throw huge hissy fits!!) all is well once again. I am as excited as you all are about the cute monk pandas who will be coming to reside among us!! Will they be making stuffed ones? Because that I CAN really get into!! I like WOW, I'm just no good at it. I keep SITTING DOWN!!

    5. Navamie, I actually came to say HI to you, but then had to set the record straight with the husband, who is a real sweetheart - really. Love your post and photos. What a fun idea!!

    6. Hello Mrs Kallixta! It was lovely of you to visit! Kall is a big softy and I think you are very lucky to have someone like him (oh and of course he is lucky to have such a supportive and awesome crafty wife like you!).

      Matty, Kallixta is certainly giggleworthy :D

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Pirate Chatter!! That really was the most fun and it made a prosaic blog post much more memorable. ;) Couldn't have done it without the BIG GUY! He's not only giggleworthy, but (don't tell) - he giggles!!


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