My first OpenRaid - BoT

I've heard lots of positive things from my blog buddies about OpenRaid.  For those who don't know, it's a huge site where you sign up with your realID or your battletag and you can put your name down for some of the raids that are listed there, organised by various people.  There are even ratings so you can see who is a reliable raid leader or an unreliable signup.  I wanted to try it, but I was a bit scared because I'd rather do it when everyone is sleeping in the house!  However, hubby went out for a work conference thing, and so I was at home with the kids and I thought cool, I'll join one of these heroic BoT raids and see if I can get Halfus.  I've got some of the other ones, Halfus and Council is what I need.  My daughter is sick so I didn't want to take her swimming anyway.  2 hours to kill.

I signed up, and not long after, an email popped up saying that I was accepted to the raid.  Before long, I had a new friend request and I was in the raid.  I was told to get on Vent.  Wow, OpenRaid has its own Vent with a lots of channels!  That was pretty cool, and great for the whole site as well.  I wonder who pays for this stuff.

The raid was run by a rogue that called Nana.  Nicely geared, sexy irish accent too! LOL.  Then there were some Americans with their slow drawls and one girl with a cute voice that the boys seemed to jump on.  It matched her outfit as well (Vestments of the Shifting Sands... sigh a bit tired of seeing that skimpy outfit :P)

Anyway, after a bit of a kerfuffle, we got Halfus down which was what I really wanted anyway!  And look, bonus achievement!

The other healer was an alt, who was better geared than me ><.  The other healer went DPS.  Anyway, we had difficulty doing the dragons but the council went down easily.  I couldn't see the debuffs to dispel which was damn annoying.

After one of our many wipes
Did Ascendant council on normal (GRRR!!!) and got the meta achievement as well.  I've already got that, but I was pleased to see it go down nice and easy.  Though their health was quite high because nobody did it the proper way and get them down evenly.   But our DPS burned through it.

We got to Cho'gall but I had to go.  Probably going to get me downrated for that.  But it was fun for an hour or so of doing something.  A great way for someone to do things, I guess, but these people need people who are raiders, often looking for those with a high ilvl (a lot seem to want heroic DS level people) so I'm not sure if some of these openraids are for everyone.

Oh, I suppose I'm biased.  I was only looking for cata dungeons, and they would be a little more organised, and expect you to have starts down and good gear to make the run as swift and easy as possible.  But I hope I can get into another one.  I would love to do BWD :D


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    1. You should try it! Good way to get those achievements.

  2. Sigh, so want to try OpenRaid, too. But... it looks a little intimidating!

    1. The Cata ones are, but the WotLK ones don't seem to be. I'd give it a go Quelynn!

  3. Ah, Open Raid.

    I'm a huge advocate of the system. I blogged about it a while back, but I run raids almost every Friday night, fun runs, to old content.

    I'd be happy to wax lyrical about it and discuss all my experiences if you ever wanted to. It's a wonderful system (most of the time!)

    1. I can never find you Elsen... timezones foiled us again!

  4. I'd like to do a BOT or BWD run, but the raid leader's requirements for them are so demanding.


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