Meeting other Grown Up gamers

I was about to go do Tol Barad dailies and fox kit farm before bed, and guess who logged on!  Chris from Confessions of a Grown-Up Gamer!  Well, I'd been trying to grab him for a fortnight now, and he'd been busy or I'd just missed him so I didn't want to miss it this time, and off I went to get my Navispam with him.

Chris is a relatively new blogger, but every post has been top quality.  In fact, he wrote a post on how to do an achievement feed and I copied it onto my blog, and I think it's brilliant!  He has shared some heartbreaking stories on his blog, and has earned quite a following, I think!  And how did I come across him?  Well, the usual way - he came and commented on my blog and I went over to go and read his and have never looked back.  I can proudly say I've been reading since the second post! :)

He was lagging pretty badly and I was already in Dalaran after a previous Navispam so I said I wanted to take a picture with Splinter and the TNMT so off to the sewers we went.

I was trying to get him to do speech bubbles so people would believe me when I said I Navispammed him...

I thought it was good until I looked closely and realised he spelled CONFESSIONS wrong!  I had a good laugh about that and made him do it again.

Chris was looking for some Mog advice, and when he told me he wanted his Winterspring set (mount, pet and vanity pet) to match, I thought immediately of Souglyy's transmog which is a nice purple colour.  I recommended it to him, but I'm not sure how Steadfast looks on a male worgen!  Looks nice on a female though.

We talked about blogging, and our different mentailities to playing.  I asked him how he came across my blog and he couldn't remember - probably a link from another blog I would think.  I chatted about how exciting I find it when people come to visit and have readers, and he totally understood - I think most bloggers find it awesome to have a new follower or reader!

I took him to get his shoes shined and he thought that was pretty nifty (my shoes were shining from when I met Classy and I was wearing the hat she bought me) and at that moment my son decided to wake up and cut my visit short.  But I suppose it was past my bedtime anyway!

Thanks Chris for letting me come visit and navispam you!  I was so honoured you let me see the private WoW you, which is so different to the real you that you put on your blog, and I don't know if I can thank you enough.


  1. Oh Fun!! Hooray for Chris, being a grown-up, and damn, girl, you are rocking that turban! LOL

    1. Chris is so awesome! Totally made my day!!!

  2. Pssh. Twas the udder way around. Navi makes a grown up Squee with the best of them. I'm a total Navi fanboi. I say we need a cross-realm guild called the Knights Who Say Squee, and the members would all have been Spammed or ReverseSpammed Navi.

    1. LOL Knights who say Ni.. I mean Squee! That's hilarious :)
      Well we are fans of each other! So there :)

  3. You start it, I will join it, if I am worthy, sir!

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