Making friends while being griefed in TB Peninsula

It probably isn't the smartest idea to come straight out of a battleground and then head out into the Tol Barad Peninsula to do my dailies and farm fox kits.  Fortunately, when I did it the other day, my PvP flag had gone.

So I was killing a fox and a flagged alliance warrior was running around and standing on top of my fox, not allowing me to loot.  I could see he was itching to fight me, but I really just wanted to do my dailies!  So I went to the next fox and killed that and the douchebag followed me and did the same thing.  I don't think I could cope being on a PvP server!  I emoted a sigh at him and I got a whisper from a hunter nearby:

"Do you want to kill him?  He's been annoying me like that for the last 20 minutes."

Sure.  Except we weren't partied so I couldn't see his health and I didn't manage to heal him before he was killed by the warrior.  So I asked him to party with me first, but it didn't quite make it onto my healbot before he died again!  Oh the poor guy, he probably thought I was an idiot.  However, after that next death, he appeared on my healbot and back he came again and that warrior was still going.  I have to admit that the warrior was good, regained a lot of health and my damage isn't that high anyway, but he couldn't kill me any more than I could kill him.  But then the hunter and I finally got him down and he went away.  But that was not before he'd wasted 15 minutes of my time.  I thanked the hunter and apologised to him for the lack of heals earlier.

As the hunter and I went our separate ways, he asked me if I was in the transmog competition earlier this year.  I said that I was, but his name wasn't familiar so I asked him if he was there, and he said that he was a friend of Zenhira's.  And funnily enough, this guy had been looking at my blog because Zenhira had pointed him my way.

So, how could I resist and not take a picture with him?

But.. one embarrassing thing... I got a new belt in Dragon Soul in the last week and TOTALLY FORGOT to transmog it.  So umm... yeah I look awful!

But I've since fixed it.  OMG, how embarrassing.


  1. I noticed you with that belt on the other day :P Nice pick-up though :)

    1. OMG and you didn't tell me?? CYMRE!!!

  2. Are all the belts worth having now so ugly and huge? They practically swallow my poor undead priest :(

    1. Transmog is a lifesaver there Shawndra :)


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