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Arvash has asked this question for this week's Shared Topic in Blog Azeroth:

If you could have any spell you want from any other class, current spells or new ones in MoP, what would it be? How would you work it into your rotation, gameplay, etc.?
I have to say that I am pretty happy with all these cool spells I'm getting.  Ice block? Portal? Leap of Faith?  I haven't got much to complain about really!  I can see lots of fun coming my way when I get all these spells to play with - getting myself sorted trying to get these spells in the first place is hard!

The only spell that I would really love is pally bubble.  I would love to be able to bubble hearth, that is the coolest thing!

I can see it now.... BG not going well?  People graveyard camping me?  As long as there are no priests getting rid of my bubble I can now bubble hearth!

We wiping again on a raid boss?  I'm last one standing and wanna avoid a repair bill?  Bubble hearth!

Think of all the practical jokes I could play on people... do I want a DPS to go splat?  Bubble the tank!  Though more often that not it might be ME going kersplat!

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  1. I keep trying to think of something, I can't believe I don't want SOMETHING some other class has. Maybe it's because I just got something I wanted so I'm pretty happy.

    1. Coz you're perfect just the way you are /grin

  2. Lol, I've heard that a lot a people would like the Mage ability to port themselves anywhere or the Pally bubble. Hurry up MoP so I can learn this damn glyph already!

  3. After reading that, I have to say I'm pretty happy with the skills I have on my toons, although Astral Recall would be AWESOME on all my toons and not just my shaman. Having a second hearthstone is always a good idea, considering I'm the player who will use my stone, go somewhere else, then realize my hearth cooldown is still ticking away.

    1. LOL but that would make the shaman ability not special right? :)


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