Looking for Amijade in all the wrong places

I met Amijade of Warlockery during the New Blogger Initiative - it was a fantastic initiative and I found a lot of new blogs to read that way.  The first post I read was titled 10 things my Warlock has Taught me, and the rivalry between Mages and Warlocks was first brought to my attention.  However, once it was highlighted, all those sly comments that my dear friends Sev and Aza made, like "Aza is just a wannabe Fire Mage" "Fire Mages just wanna be like ME, Sev!" suddenly began to make sense.

Amijade writes such witty retorts and his comments are as long as blog posts themselves!  The banter he created with my post For the Love of Warlock was much enjoyed (especially by me!) and even then, I still hadn't realised that Amijade was played by a guy... OMG I even called him woman /facepalm

It dawned on me one day when Amijade mentioned his wife.  CRAP I had been calling him a her all this time!  Anyway, from then we became blog friends and he asked me one day if I'd been on Twisted Nether Blogcast, and when I said no, he said he'd write to Hydra and Fimlys and ask if they would put me on their show.  I was hugely flattered!  And one day... I got that email!

So, how could I NOT want to meet such a great supporter and reader, who also writes such witty recounts?

So I went hunting for Amijade and his guild seems very large!  When I logged onto Earthen Ring to look for him, I was stunned by the number of people in his guild.  I scanned through the guild but he wasn't online.  However, someone else's name stood out on the list, and it was Rho, a warlock, who was in Orgrimmar.  I wondered if it was @RhoWoW who had just retweeted one of my tweets moments earlier.  

Rho's blog is about his podcast, Realm Maintenance, which is pretty cool that it is recorded at the time of Realm Maintenance - giving me something to listen to when the servers are down.  In fact, I heard Rho on Hasteur's podcast GroupQuest, just last week!  I went to his twitter profile and saw he was in the same guild and server - cool!  I would surprise him and see if he knew who I was, and also ask him about Amijade.

So I whispered Rho, and said "Hi there :) can I ask you a question about one of your guildies?"
His first reply was "!"
And his second was "Sure, what would you like to know?"
Heh.  Cool!  I think he knew who I was!
I asked him if Amijade was on one of his alts, and he said he wasn't, and then I thought I should stop torturing poor Rho and ask him about himself :)

"Are you Rho from twitter?  RhoWoW?"
"Yes, I am."
"LOL, well I didn't expect to find you here!  Thank you for the retweet!  I was wondering if you'd mind if I take a picture with you?"
Rho seemed happy to accommodate me :)  He summoned me to Org and we got a pic and then I asked him if he was on Group Quest last week :) I asked him something about what he mentioned on the podcast (Hasteur!!!!) and because I was at work I couldn't chat for long and I had to leave but I would be back, I said.  So hopefully I can chat more to Rho later :)  But wasn't that a surprise!  I didn't expect to see someone I knew while hunting for other people - and have that person recognise me too!  WOooOooT!

I tweeted later that I had been hunting for Amijade, not knowing that he had camping ME like a rare spawn for 4 days!  However, he gets on at times when I'm not on, and nobody had passed the message to me that he was looking for me.  I just hope everyone was polite or they will have their eyes seared with my Navizor rage!

So I was perusing twitter (I seem to be doing that a lot lately) and I noticed that Leeta was ALSO from AIE.

But that last line was the most interesting!  Amijade was on my home server!  I was at work, and I rushed to try to login with my lousy 5k latency lag.  Ummm yay :( I summoned Amijade to Org and took some pics and we chatted for a bit and I grabbed a screenshot with him in my fave place.  He even made his lock look just like the real Amijade!

I think we were both equally chuffed to meet each other in the game.

Amijade was cute, he wandered around the streets talking to warlocks with nice mogs and taking screenies and complimenting them on it!

I invited Amijade to the guild and he was so chatty, I think he livened the guild chat up a fair bit!  I thought it was hilarious, and I wish I could have seen it, but clearly that was what Amijade was like when he was excited - I can relate!  I get super excited and I just start having keyboard typing diarrhoea and chat chat chat chat inanely.  Later on in the day I got on Vent and talked to Amijade and talked about real life work stuff, about kids... amazing how time flies when you're just chatting!  He was even more awesome to get to know in person (well, you know what I mean - in the pixel!) than via twitter or blog chats!  We talked about work, kids and family, and I wished Shab, Sev and Aza were on so they could meet Amijade!  I hope I can chat to him again, because I really did enjoy his company.

Rho and Amijade, you warlocks from AIE - you have been Navispammed! Well, actually, one was a reverse Navispam!


  1. Oh, I got to meet Amijade the other day in guld. He was the coolest person!


    1. He is very cool! But so are you Zwingli :)

  2. You may be surprised how many of your followers are in AIE

    1. Hello Bad Tauren! Gosh haven't visited your site since that off thanking post. I would have said only 2 AIE ppl read me but now you make 3!


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