It's Business time! Voss and Vid, that ADORABLE couple!

Vidyala of Manalicous was one of the original 5 bloggers that I started reading - I loved looking at her pictures and reading about her antics. Now, I wasn't very cluey and wondered why she talked about Voss (of Sword and Board which hasn't been updated in like forever) all the time and it was a long long time before it finally dawned on me that they were a couple - I had originally thought that they were the co-leaders of their guild Business Time.

Vidyala and Voss have such an awesome relationship, and she writes about it so eloquently (I don't know how I didn't realise they were a couple... she writes about it often enough) that one from her other blog, the Pugging Pally, is a favourite read.  I love that post :)

Vidyala had invited me to come and visit her on her server, and one time I did but they were all raiding! On my latest attempt to visit, I didn't see them online but there were a few people in the guild online and I asked one of the ones in a major city if they were on, and it turned out they were on alts!  So that was pretty cool, he let Vid know I was looking for her and she quickly swapped over to chat to me.

Kamalia saw me there and came too!  So it was a get together of a few bloggers!  Vid asked me where we should go, and I said we should go to Theramore, since patch was almost upon us.  Voss came along too, and we girls decided to take a pic with Jaina Proudmoore.

Rhidach of Righteous Defense is also on Vidyala's server, and they asked him to join us.  I was a bit shy - I don't read his blog (it's about Tanking Paladins after all!) AND he is the Prot pally columnist at WoWInsider.  GULP!  But he was kind enough to come along and have his picture taken - thank you Rhidach!  Now the funny thing is, his human toon has Blood Elf hair (I think he plays a BE paladin as his main on another server).

I'm not sure why Vid decided to blur Theramore with her glaringly bright Guild banner... but you can see who wears the pants in this guild.  Is that a Time warp as the guild logo?  WAIT, I get it, Business TIME.  Hourglass.  I get it!

Then I noticed Theramore was under attack.  Off they all went to attack the poor hapless horde players, and I was horrified to get this achievement.  OMG I felt dirty!  Killing horde players YIKES!

My daughter had great fun playing my toon when I was meeting Voss and Vid.  When they started bringing out their toys, she squealed with delight at their turtle mounts, the Super Simian Sphere, and even was having fun jumping up branches to sit down and pose and hit the screenshot button for me.  She spent a lot of time running around whilst I chatted to Vid and Voss about various things... so varied that I can't even recall what I was talking about!

They were lovely and lived up to all my expectations.  Of course with Kamalia there to keep me in line, I didn't get up to any mischief :)  I admit, it was strange seeing my Tauren sister as a night elf :)

Voss, Vid and Rhidach, thank you for letting me Navispam you!


  1. That was a fitting backdrop given the timing and your starter robes.

  2. Wonderful post! You are a wonderful world traveler!


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