Highlights of the week ending September 16, 2012 in screenshots

I was doing so many silly things this week, I just had to capture them... it is after all the second last week before Mists of Pandaria, and raiding is happening but not exciting, PvP is full of undergeared players and overpowered warlocks, and I tried to remember what I hope to remember about Cataclysm.

Cross realm zones - this was my second encounter (the first was with Dragonray so she could see my ICC 25 man meta mount, just mins earlier) and I thought I would surprise Ancient with some real life meet up.  She even wrote about it!  And she wrote about these buggy sheep which were all pigs.  And pigs were flying when we blew up Tekton multiple times, so I guess you could say it was a blue moon.

The sky in Dragon Soul is so pretty.  Took a picture of it here so I don't forget it.

I did some Halaa this week with Thunderspank because he wants a War Talbuk and hey I'm happy to hang around and get free tokens.  But it's gonna be a LOOOONG ass haul!  Another Cross Realm Yippee Kay Ay!

And this... well, you can never have enough pictures of that sexy Nozdormu as a blood elf with those tattoos and those eyes and that nice goatee.  If only his voice was as hot.  I LOVE YOU NOZDORMU I WILL HAVE YOUR DRAGON BABIES!!!!

Well of Eternity is a pretty cool instance.  I liked seeing the story as a dungeon.  I wonder if people really notice it after all this time!  I still love watching our history unfolding and being a part of it... well, in the Nozdormu sense of being a part of it :)

Illidan is damn sexy but I just notice dsomething - he hadn't taken doused himself with the water from the Well yet, and his feet are demonic!  Look at those toenails!

Now here is Malfurion looking much more Kaldorei, and not that mixture of all druid forms that he is currently.  See his beard?  He CAN cut it!  He's just LAZY!

Had to include this because it was just creepy.  I look terrible as a Kaldorei male.  /shudder

And imitation is the best form of flattery.  Moopie on his mage with a potion of illusion.  I can't remember if anyone has copied my appearance before!

9 days to go till crazy levelling time!


  1. Everyone looks terrible as Male Nightelves :D

  2. Oh that's great! You got a really good screen shot of those masquerading sheep! Wow, Night Elf Navi is scary Navi!

  3. Nice recap Navi!

    As for the Halaa marks, I already have 94 battle tokens. :D

    They add up really fast.

    1. Thunder, you can't kill anything when you're resto... it's ok for a plate dps like you...


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