Heroic Spine down!

We hadn't raided all week and it was Monday - usually my PvP day but since we hadn't raided all week, I thought well, if everyone's on then we raid.  Otherwise I would just happily PvP!

Shab didn't want to go, and Moo wanted to come and it was a good night for him!  He got his weapon from Mor'chok, some Blacksmithing recipes and some offspec stuff.  Was a good night for me as well - I got a heroic trinket and heroic belt!  Gutsy got an awesome heroic healing ring.

My DBM wasn't working and Gutsy wasn't feeling connected with his priest (he's been disliking it since the patch) and so I wasn't very good on some bosses.  Dispels weren't showing up on my healbot which was really annoying - might have to manually add them in again /sigh.  Which meant fights like Hagara were a pain, and so was Spine.

But my biggest booboos came from Ultraxion.  I died from not clicking my button because my DBM wasn't up to date and I wasn't watching the boss's cast bar!  Aza told me that I should know how to do it, and not need an add on, but I'm so used to watching the timer whilst I focus on healing so I died to the first twilight!  And then I died again later, and everyone was teasing me because I don't set the boss on focus.  OK OK so I'm lazy!  Why do I need to look at the boss!  I'm not interrupting him, I'm just trying to focus on my crappy health bars LOL.

Anyway, we got that down, and then on to Blackhorn which was super messy but we got it down with both tanks dead.  Then it was onto Spine.

It was a lot easier than previously.  Who knew it would make that much of a difference, that tiny nerf.  Anyway, we 2 healed it, Gutsy and I, and also the number of dispels went down so we didn't have to worry about that so much.  The plate was coming off in one go!  Wow, that's a huge difference from our struggling to get to 50%!  The raid did wipe from the debuff going off though... I added it back in and we were good after that.

So yay we managed to do it without Bloodlust!  Then we went on to do Deathwing and it was quite doable up till the last platform where healing got a bit insane and I was OOM a lot.  Those little bloods running to increase Deathwing's health are annoying!  It was late by the time we got to Deathwing so we probably weren't on top of our game.  But it was a good attempt or 4 and we stayed up late just in case we could do it again, but yeah, I guess we're leaving that till tomorrow.  I think there is something wrong with raiding on a Tuesday!  That's my laundry night!


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    1. Thanks! :D was a good moment /dances

  2. Woot, congrats to you and your guild on H Spine! :)

  3. Wow, grats guys. You will have to carry me through sometime :)


    1. We did keep asking you if you wanted to come :) but it was good to get it down after all those attempts!

    2. Yea i know,you asked me heaps and i did want to come everytime. Im just forcing myself to not raid for a while :)



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