Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 man)

Dragonray organised an ICC run today to help me get my last 2 achievements for my mount.  It was one of the things I had been bemoaning for the longest while - and I had also joined OpenRaid so that I could hopefully get them without having to bother anyone for them.

So tonight I managed to get heroic Dreamwalker and heroic Council down, giving me the last things I needed to clear the wings on heroic to make my achievement dream come true!

It was hard because it wasn't a full group and trying to do Orb Whisperer and do heroic Princes was too hard.  I'll have to come back and help them on normals since I'm so grateful to have my achievement done!

How weird is this hole... nobody is falling in it...

They also missed out on Boned as well, which was a shame.  And Portal Jockey (not enough people to get portals unfortunatley) but hopefully on normal they should be easy.  Also All You Can Eat - didn't have enough people to burn it fast enough so we failed that too :(

So here I am with my gorgeous new mount.  Thank you everyone for helping me get my achievements!  Love you Frostwolves and The Darkness Within!!!


  1. Ooooo grats on your mount finally! I'm gonna have to find me an OpenRaid run when I get back to finish mine!

  2. Grats Navi :) I am glad I could help you out. I think most of us can go back in as normal mode now and smash through the rest of them easily enough.

  3. WOOT gratz Navi!
    I'm so jealous I'm only a few away too, but don't see it happening anytime soon :)
    The mount looks awesome!


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