Frostwolves, Saviours of Azeroth! (Aussie spelling)

Sickly kids made me log on late today.  I was the last person to log on and I was ready to go!  No more sleepy bad playing for me!

It was the last platform that was the most difficult for us.  The bloods kept healing him back up, and the DPS had difficulty controlling their damage so once they got that sorted, it was almost easy.  Healing it with 2 people, something I would have never have thought possible before the nerf, was just amazing.

Tanks: Seven
Healers: Gutsy, Navimie
DPS: Roshii, Lushnek, Moopie, Fueghan, Souglyy, Sevros, Azadelta

So what dropped?  A bow for Souglyy, and a dagger for nobody, and the mount went to....

SEV!  Yay Sev!

Congratulations Frostwolves!  The first time we have ever cleared heroic content before an expansion!


  1. Awesome work guys, congrats to all!

  2. Replies
    1. Ancient! I noticed you used Aussie spelling! :D and TY :D

  3. Cheers and whitles! How fun! Congtratations to all!

  4. Well done team.


  5. AAAAAAAH, Grats guys! :D :D :D :D That's gotta be seriously exciting and I am so happy for you! Also jealous. :P

  6. Well all i can say is that congratulations everyone, ya all played great.Frostwolves has done it again just like cheap world of warcraft gold in providing for gold which is used in upgrading and for leveling up.

  7. Achievement get! Grats all



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