Finding my comfort zone with the new resto talents

It's been weeks since patch, and I've had all that time to settle into my new abilities.  And it's been an interesting journey of trial and error.

The best thing is, that I can keep this spec for PvP and for PvE.  The "talents" can be changed on the fly with a Dust of Disappearance, so having a stack in my bags really comes in handy.

My UI is still not perfect - debuffs are not showing up on healbot, making me consider that I should take Lyss's advice and switch to Vuhdo.  I'll think about it.  I'm still having swiftmend issues with healbot - I'm not sure if it's healbot or if it's my mouse playing up but it's damn annoying.

Gutsy was the one who advised me to try Soul of the Forest.  It does give some amazing numbers, especially in AOE fights.  Swiftmend, then do a wild growth to watch your WG ticking away like crazy.  Or Swiftmend then hit Tranq and watch your numbers go through the roof.  It makes me swiftmend a hell of a lot more than I used to, I'll give you that.  It's not bad though, but for PvP, Incarnation is still better.  I tried Force of Nature, but it was a bit underwhelming to me, though the cooldown on it is quite nice.  So at the moment I'm switching between Soul of the Forest and Incarnation.  I liked Soul of the Forest on Madness and on Spine.

Feline Swiftness or Wild Charge?  To be honest, I don't feel that even in PvE running faster does me any favours, so Wild Charge is much more useful for me.

Nature's Swiftness or Cenarion Ward? I originally took Cenarion Ward thinking that's much more handy but in reality... I never used it.  I kept forgetting to, and when I did, I actually needed a BIG heal to hit rather than a HoT.  However, I use Nature's Swiftness all the time!  So I ended up going with the much more comfortable NS which can get me a big heal off quickly rather than a HoT.

I got out of the habit of refreshing my lifebloom at 8 seconds since it's a lot longer now.  That helped a bit with mana wastage.  But the habit of innervating when Power Torrent or Lightweave Embroidery is still there!  I should snap myself out of it, since the no longer affect my Innervate.  Running with high spirit again is fun.  Just like old times.

I was having the suckiest time duelling when I first started, but now, after a few BGs and duels, I have figured out my escapes and intergrated my new spells.  Typhoon, Mighty Bash are so useful for interrupting those Chaos Bolts and non instant mage spells.  And I love leaping away with my Stag, or charging in as a Bear.  The double barkskin is pretty cool - and using it on my my friends and FCs really does help.

I think I'm in a good druid place at the moment.  I've played and played until I've settled into my new spells.  I enjoy the healing numbers, my mana and my new PvP abilities.  I wonder if the fashionable healer will change come this patch/expansion?  Oooh, that's an idea for another post!


  1. Druids have alot of escape tools and ways to interrupt casts now and I think they'll be quite strong this expansion. Learnt alot from our duelling session yesterday. No more spell stealing lifeblooms! And your stag leap timing was so good. I think you made me miss my pet nova twice in one of the duels because of that.

    1. I'm hoping that if you and Sev burn down a druid in an arena, then that technique can work well. Let's hope that our opponents don't work that out :D

  2. I believe Druids will always be the considered some of the superlative healers, Navi, and with your dedication to your craft, and sharing your insights, we're all better for it!

    1. I hope what works for me works for someone else - but nobody should take what I say as gospel - go try it out for yourselves and see if those shoes fit :)

  3. Is it bad that I took the changes as a prime opportunity to ditch resto entirely and try out feral DPS? It's not that I'm against change (Though I can see how it would look that way!) but rather I've just been a resto druid for so freakin' long! I'm glad to hear that you're getting the hang of it, and perhaps I'll come back to the way of the tree down the track, but for the moment it is bliss not having to worry about healing addons and people going splat on my watch!


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