Eeee-VA! (Directive: Navispam)

Clumsygrrrl of Image Heavy was another blogger I met during NBI.  Her blog, full of screenshots was the kind of blog that appealed to me, and soon she and I would chat to each other through our blogs.

I had great difficulty with her name.  How many R's is that?  Is there an i?  I would often put 10r's just to be silly.  And then one day, she changed her name to Eva.  OMG, that was so much better!  I can spell that!

As I often do when I'm trying to surprise people, I had multiple attempts visiting her server trying to find her, and nobody in her guild ever seemed to be on.  Then one Sunday night I logged on and someone was online who was in her guild, a warrior called Prim.

In my excitement, I forgot to check her character page on her blog, and had I realised that the person online was her, then I would have a better, COOLER, opening line as a surprise.

Instead, I opened with my usual question.  "Hi there :) I was wondering if I could ask you a question about one of your guildies?"

To which Prim replied, "NAV?"

"Eva? EVA!"
"Whatchu doin off of Twitter? :)"
Saying her name reminded me of my son's favourite Pixar movie Wall-E.

"LMAO I sound like Wall-E," I said to her.
"Hahaha yeees so many people say my name Eeeevaaaa."

I told her that I came looking for her, and she was thrilled!  She immediately came over and I had to wonder... where does a someone who loves good images take pics??

We took around where the human starting area, and then we started chatting.  We talked about the NBI challenges, Ambermist's August challenge which I didn't participate in - I have to admit I took one look at Cymre's perfect bags and I couldn't bring myself to display the horrendous hotchpotch mess that I call my bags and bank.  LOL, even Eva said that Cymre was perfection!  I'm sure Cym would love to hear that.

We talked about things we hoard, and we both hoard old world FOOD, and I mentioned small eggs and Eva wanted to show me a cool place to farm eggs because the mobs seem to respawn at a crazy rate!  Unfortunately, while we were having fun killing things there, I was killed (LOL I am level 1 after all).

I also happened to see a NPC reference!  Look it's a reference to Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami!  Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh! :P  He's investigating a murder!  Now I didn't see him do the sunglasses thing (he does it Deadmines low level for Alliance when giving quests) but I was pretty excited :P

Thanks Eva for the fun and for being so cute and letting me Navispam you :D


  1. /wave Eva! And that's so funny, I saw some of the bags (don't remember if they were Cymre's) and thought, no, not showing mine lol.

    1. Heh glad to hear I wasn't the only one :)


  3. Navi, you just don't look right as a human. I suppose I'm so used to seeing a big lovable cow, that it's hard to picture you as anything else. But I'm happy your Navispam's are doing so well.


    1. Human definitely seems wrong but you sshould see how wrong it is when I'm a male dwarf...

    2. I suppose that's where Professor Luurvdoctor being my only male toon is a bit odd. Although, I've picked up a head piece that looks like a teacher's mitre and suites him quite well, especially with the title.


  4. Oh I missed this post. That's a lot of bird corpses and I thought the Horatio Crane reference was pretty funny when I first saw him (even though I'm not a fan of the character).

    LOL I know you liked the look of my Void Storage but me perfection? Surely you jest. HUGS all the same though :D


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