A very Classy navispam!

I'd tried to catch Classy (of Classy Plays WoW) before on her toon, and failed, but I sent her a mail so she would know I had been to visit her.  So, the next time I went to visit her, no sooner had I logged in when I got an enthusiastic "Hiiii!" from Natalie, her draenei.

I whispered back excitedly, and we sorted out somewhere to meet.  She'd been waiting for me to log back to her server!  Thank goodness she friended my toon or I'd have to start hassling her guildies :)

Dalaran was Classy's choice, and we were hoping to be able to light the lamps but it wasn't the right time.  However, we did run around and take pictures of pretty patterns on the ground.

Aww maybe next time!

Classy decided it was THAT moment which was the perfect moment to get her mammoth achievement!  That was cool that I got to be present for that :)  And then she took me for a ride around on her new acquisition - WOOO!

Yay Achievement!

Classy was so excited to have me visit, it was really flattering, and made me that much more thrilled too!  She gave me presents like toy racers, and even bought me clothes to wear and we ran around getting our shoes polished, and looking at all the beautiful and amazing things that there are in Dalaran - it is, after all, the city of magic.

 Took in the view from the purple parlour....

Had high tea at Aimee's - look at us in our Sunday finest (YAY someone who has a Formal Dangui!!!) and she lent me her dress to wear.  I feel lucky, she told me how much she paid for her Dangui and my eyes were like o.O  I got mine from the vendor!

And then just acted plain silly!  Oh, it was so much fun, we chatted about all sorts of things from Chibis, to how cool the game was, to all the fun things we love. I took her to see my favourite NPCs who are named after pop culture stuff, and of course we talked about blogging.  Look at all the screenies I took - phew!  A great testament to the adventure I had!

Thank you Classy!  That was a really fun Navispam!


  1. Looks like u2 had fun :)

    I am working on a post now about all the pretty glass stained windows in Dalaran...I never even noticed all the pretty pattens on the ground!!!

    Greta pics!

    1. Thanks Pando! Ooh the stained glass windows in Dal are so pretty :)

  2. Ohhh I had so much fun Navi!!! Maybe I can be double Navispammed in the future hehe--I will start saving up things for us to play with next time! You are very sweet and I enjoyed every second we spent together :). I will do my writeup this week hehe. I snagged a new boyfriend...you know what a chivalrous male does to a Southern gal...

    1. I'm sure I'll come visit you again Classy one day for more chatting and fun stuff! Besides, I still need to light those Dalaran lights...

    2. Oh yes :) You're new BF needs attention! You can't have him wondering who the hell you're running around in a computer game with ...


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