Zellviren the Unwavering Sentinel is Navispammed!

I had just finished visiting Ironyca and Noelani and I said I was going to go visit Zellviren, and they mentioned that he used to be in the guild, and was likely not on the server anymore.  So I went to his blog and did an armory and found that he had moved.  And he had tweeted recently, so he was around.. somewhere.  So I tracked him down to his server and when I got there looked through his guild.  There were a few on.

The first person I whispered didn't answer, but the second person replied me when I asked about Zell and said he was on an alt.  Perfect!  Except that he was in a dungeon.  I asked if he could tell me which alt he was on, and then when I sent a tell his reply was "WHAT!"

I laughed.  Was he making fun of me talking to him in an instance?

It was actually him doing a "WHAT! You're talking to me???"  Which was kind of funny.  I said to him "Oops where are my manners!  My name is Navimie, and I'm a fan of your blog..."

"No you're not!  I read YOUR blog!"

"Hey!" I said.  "I commented on your blog AGES ago!"  And I went to his blog and pulled out old posts that I'd commented on to say "See, I do visit you!"

It was really nice, Zell was really really excited about me visiting.  He was grinning so wide that his face was sore halfway through my visit.  He brought all his toys out and we chatted about blogging, and he said that my visit really cheered him up, he'd been having a down kind of week.  His last couple of posts had made him sad - people being jerks, really.  One was a thread that said "No girls in our guild" and he'd also been rather busy.  But I was happy that I'd cheered him up somewhat, and I tried my best to be entertaining.

LOL, I had to take a picture of him going SQUEEE.  It was funny because he had written a blog post that started with a definition of squee and mentioned me in it.

I have always admired that post he wrote about helping raiders with Autistic Spectrum Disorders - I like reading things about people understanding others and trying to help them through things.  It inspires me to be more understanding and helpful.

Zell had to go and raid which allowed me to go to sleep.  However, how can I sleep after being so excited from meeting people and them getting so excited - it's contagious because I was excited to meet him to but him being happy about it only fed my excitement MORE!  Positive feedback/reinforcement causing overload LOL!

Oh, there was one bad thing about the meeting... I mentioned this to Ironyca when I was chatting to her just before I went to see Zellviren.  And that was I cannot stand that snorting sniffing sound that Worgen do.  So you can imagine my horror when Zell turned up and he was a worgen and while we were standing around chatting there was the snorting and sniffing dog sounds that drive me nuts.  I just took my headset off and happily typed away.  I don't need game sounds to chat :)

So THANK YOU Zell for making my visit so fun.  It was a genuine pleasure to Navispam you!  And you squeee'd at me.  OMG people SQUEEE seeing me! /blush


  1. It's amazing, your visit has actually given my whole IRL situation an upturn.

    Witchcraft. o.O

    1. I think you being happy brought good things to you Zell <3


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