Yet another Navispam post - Where in Azeroth is that Amateur?

High on the heels of his busy month, I thought I'd catch JD, the Amateur Azerothian on his home server.  I admit since I have grouped up with him a number of times (and have pics in a group), I almost forget that he's famous (/grin) - but one of the hardest things is trying to figure out WHICH is his main?  So the day after his interview, I asked him if I could take a pic with him before he becomes too famous to have time for me LOL.

He selected Tumanzahar as his main and off I went to meet him.  He was there waiting for me as I logged in.  RealID is a useful thing.  It is strange though, because I'm so used to talking to him on realID that when I meet him in the pixel, I haven't got anything NEW to say because I've already been talking to him for 20 minutes.

Of course I had to do some silly shots.  This is JD after all, and he is very cheeky.
I love it when strange men take me for a ride in their Mechanohogs...

And we took refuge in a dark cave.  It wasn't safe though!  I kept getting hit by an unfriendly trog and I kept running onto the shelf at the back of the cave to escape.  Fortunately JD's bear polished him off so I didn't have to worry about him again.

Well at least I got to see Tum.  Don't see him that often (as it's normally Saintvache I usually hang out with).  But, another of my dear friends Navispammed :)


  1. I read another blog of yours and found out that you played Star Wars MMO!! NO!! Jesus play the trial too hehehe, I asked him to roll a sith inquisitor :D Hahahahaha!


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