What Frostwolves are saying about Patch 5.0.4

Patch 5.0.4 is going live this Wednesday, and with it come a multitude of changes.  So what do guildies think of the upcoming patch?

Roshii (Assassination Rogue): 
I can't wait!  Something new, new talents, change of playstyle.  See how the raid will go!  Wooo :)  In my talents... well not so much for the rogue - rogues have the least amount of changes.  Leeching poison sounds pretty awesome tho!  Poisons being spells not reagents???  Oh, and I'll tell you what I am happy about - my spec gets a proc!  That's pretty cool :)  Oh, ALL MY MOUNTS on all my toons!   Yeeehaaaaaw!  Oh, I almost forgot, Crimson Tempest!  It allows us rogues to have an AOE rotation!  So now FoK (fan of knives) builds combo points and Crimson Tempest is the finisher!  It puts bleeds on all targets.
I'm a bit scared about all my alts :(  learning all my alts all over again!  Druid is the most scary - those talents intimidate me!

Gutsy (Holy Priest): 
Not looking forward to having only 102k mana to heal with.  Not really looking forward to learning priests, druids and mage all over again.

Aioros (Ret Paladin and altoholic):
Uhm... I haven't read.  Am I being nerfed?

Jinjersnaps (Restoration Shaman and altoholic):
I've only looked at a few class changes so far.  Druids symbiosis has got me excited, part reason I got my troll druid up.  I have a nelf but I don't really play alli anymore.  Shamans are getting nerfed, so I was looking to run a druid for healing and my mage for DPS.  Resto druids are goign to be amazing pvp healers.  The mobility, not sure of the spell name, where you can fly to an ally.  But I don't like the stag for travel form lol.

Azadelta (Destruction Warlock):
Personally, I am very excited about the patch.  Most notably the changes to warlocks, which I am quite nervous about.  I've tried them on the beta, but its never quite the same as on live.  It will be a big change and I'm interested to see how the new talents and specs do in PvP and PvE.  Aoe looting will be a massive help, especially farming for greens.  Uhh, revamped Scholo and Scarlet Monastery should be fun, wish they didn't take out all the old loot though.  I still need a few pieces on my rogue, warrior and lock...  Account wide achieves and mounts, I might be able to catch up to Navi =p would be pretty cool if I gained 1000 or so points.  And the thing I'm most looking forward to is guildies coming back to play.  Hopefully the guild gets really busy before the expac hits, that would be cool.

Execute (Fury Warrior):
I'm looking forward to the warrior changes and achievement changes.  Don't know much else about it.  New abilities like dragonroar I think - AOE stun.

McTacky (Holy paladin):
Love it! The only thing I don't like is less gold from old instances.  I don't play the AH, so it is the only way I've got gold really.

Souglyy (Survival Hunter):
OMG I can't wait! I'm so excited!  I GET CROWS!!!!!!! lol, What could be better than that! lol.  There is only one thing I'm not happy with, and that's the loss of agility from them taking away my staff, they are buffing my bow, but I lose the enchant of 130 agi and I still lose about 100 agi on my bow.  Oh and OMG dont' forget AOE looting! Yippie :)

Lushnek (Balance Druid):
Um Yay?  Haven't read that much really, only played the beta for a short time. Yea, I'm winging it.

Sevros (Affliction Warlock):
I'm looking forward to it mostly, it's a change, something different, could be fun for a while.  I'm interested in trying the new abilities and seeing how they work with the existing raids.  Will see how it goes.

Aurii (Frost/Unholy DK and altoholic):
LOL, I think I am going to avoid LFR like the plague :-)

Fueghan (Protection Paladin):
Looks pretty good mostly.  Only needing one dispel on spine will be good.

Shabadu (Frost/Arcane Mage):
Haven't really read too much about it, I've only seen mage talents.  I'll be trying out different PvP builds.

Fallnapart (Fury Warrior):
I'm looking forward to it I think.

And my thoughts as a restoration druid?
I love relearning my talents - probably because I only play one toon.  The mana thing is going to be tough and I'm not sure how much spirit I'll need but I'll have to start with tons and then whittle it down I guess.  AOE looting sounds fantastic but I bet I'll be out of bag space REAL QUICK!  And everyone knows what I think of account wide achievements - my last few days clutching to my number one position in guild for achievements!

Come on Patch 5.0.4 - BRING IT ON!  Frostwolves can't wait to meet you :)


  1. Oops! I would have given a more extented statement if I knew it'd end up here.

    The things I am most excited about is the account wide pets and achievements!

    Gameplay wise? I suppose the new coming scenario event at Theramore is what I'm looking forward to. As well as some of the gameplay changes to Paladin Healing.

    1. Heh, I just remembered. You did say "On the Record" at the time you asked me my opinion.

    2. LOL I guess everyone I asked will now realise what "on the record" means :)

  2. What are Navi's thoughts on it? I'm guessing the "Bring it on!" is what she's thinking!

    1. She's excited! She adapts well to change :)

  3. You need more warlocks in your diet. Great for loosing weight. ;)

    1. OMG Hasteur! A comment! :D
      You should know I have a big soft spot for warlocks.

  4. 5.0.4

    Can't wait....but not looking foward to seeing my priest's manapool!

  5. This mirrors guild-chat for me, too, for the most part, except there was a bit more "sky is falling" nonsense. Really fun post, Navi! I'm excited to see those close to me excited, and that's grand fun!

  6. I haven't do my reading yet! Gate and Jesus already played/playing bgs! Im looking forward for new pretty outfits! I need to respec 9 toons of mine by tonight :(


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