Thunderspank is GO!

Thunderspank visited my blog this morning.  I felt my hopes rising.  Would I be fortunate enough to catch him online?  I quickly logged in and switched servers.

As the loading screen faded, I remembered I was in Everlook.  I was back again, on his server.    Third time lucky maybe?  My last two visits had not been fruitful.

I checked my friends list.  Nope, not there.  I steeled myself for more embarrassment as I typed a guild name into /who.  The last few times I had visited there had been one, maybe 2 people online.  I remembered the last time I asked the embarrassing question and politely I was told that they'd never heard of that person. 

Wow.  There were about 10 people online!  I looked through the names.  None of them matched any of the names I could recall as Thunderspank's alts.  Tacticus, the druid from his story wasn't online either.  A few people from the guild were sitting around in Orgrimmar.  I took a deep breath and started typing to the DK.

"Hi, sorry to disturb, I was wondering, could I ask a question about one of your guildies?"

I got a whisper, my heart leapt with anticipation then sank as I read it.

"HI, we're a level 12 guild recruiting people who are levelling.  Are you interested?"

I sighed.  That was a deflater.  Got excited for a sec.  ":) no ty, I'm only here for a short time.  Ty for asking."

I  waited half a minute before I went back to the list again.  I was just typing the same thing to the paladin in the guild sitting in Orgrimmar when I got a whisper.


OMG, who calls me Navi except someone who knows who I am?  I was excited.  Was that Thunderspank?   But who is this toon?  He's in the guild.. bleh, trying to alt tab to check the list of alts but my computer is so slow.

"Thudner?"  Shit.  My typing and spelling always gets worse when I'm excited.

"LOL, maybe I should make a toon with that name."

I laughed.  That must be him.  I looked at my mailbox.  There is even a new message there from Bijli.  YAY!

Enthusiastically I greeted Thunderspank, as I realised that this must be the correct time of day to catch those people on the other side of the world.  Oh, I was so excited.  It was like finding treasure.  My fingers were tripping over themselves on the keyboard, I was so thrilled.

Tome of the Ancient was online.  I had to share my news with her.

"Ancient, guess what!  I found Thunderspank!"
"Ooh yay!" she replied.  "Is that a rare?"
I paused for a secondbefore I burst into laughter in real life.  "OMG that was too funny!" I typed back to her.  "No, he's my next Navispam victim!"
"LOL!" she replied.  "Now I'm laughing out loud too!"
She told her husband what she'd done.  He'd looked at her blankly, she said.
"Oh no!  He's going to think I'm a loonytoon now!" I typed to her.
"No, it's ok, I showed him your Wall of Celebrities, and he understands what we're talking about now."

Gotta love that woman.  She cracks me up.

Thunder was telling me that he has been levelling his shaman by doing BGs.  Wow.  Someone told me you could do that, but I have to admire these alts people.  I can't face the level grind.  I asked him which toon he wanted me to take a pic of.  He said he'd get on Thunderspank.  He wanted to take a pic with me in Tol Barad peninsula because of my Fox Kit hunting.  Unfortunately, level 2 toons can't go there.  But I can take a pic with the portal!

I wondered if Tacticus was on - the druid from his EoTS story.  He was!  But, he had just changed his name... so I was surprised to see him with that name - because people might think he was the real deal!

Imagine if it was THE ALAMO!  I asked if Alamo was hungry, and I stood in front of him looking at his teeth to see if there was any mage in his teeth.

Then I realised I could meet them on Navi!  So off we went to RFC to take a few pics.  Thunderspank gave me his realID which is cool because maybe one day I can do some BGs with them (how we work out this time difference though is another story) and I told him about how I hadn't had much success because nobody knew who he was each time I'd logged on.  He said he would take them to task on that... I said no no no! You know how people normally respond to level 2 unknown toons whispering to them - gold sellers or beggars usually, so I didn't mind if people didn't respond to  me, as long as they weren't nasty and rude!  Which nobody had been, of course.

Thank you Thunderspank for letting me visit!  SQUEEEE!  And to Tacticus too (or rather, Alamo now as he prefers to be called) for taking time to see me.  Consider yourself Navispammed Thunderspank!


  1. Thanks for dropping by Navi! It was a very pleasant surprise to see you. :)

    We'll definitely run some BGs together and the time difference shouldn't be a problem - I'm on at all odd hours.

    1. :D It was fantastic surprise for me! Made my day!

  2. As we native Texans say "remember the Akamo!"

  3. Tome's comment was priceless!
    And talk about a BE sandwich...

    1. Ancient is so hilarious she does it without even trying!

  4. Still ROTFLMAO! Husband was so perplexed but then he's used to me.

    1. If I ever meet Mr Ancient he's going to think your friends are totally whacko!

  5. @Cymre My warrior used to be a tauren. :D I race changed to belf at the start of Cataclysm because I couldn't see around my toon in Shadowfang Keep and I love tanking. That and I like the model animation of the belfs and how armor looks on them.

    @Matty, he changed it to Alamo because, among other reasons, he was moving back to San Antonio. :)

    1. Oh my gosh...hope I don't have to turn in my Texan membership because of the misspelling of "Alamo!"


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