Souglyy nabs Aeonaxx - just in time for Account wide mounts!

I got a text message from Souglyy on Friday and boy was she excited!

Omg!!!!!! I just got Aeonaxx on my Mage!!!!!!!!

I was so happy I was trying to text her back and I did successfully but I also called her accidentally in my excitement as well!  Well it was a good accident because I was so pleased for her, because the she said she had been camping it for AGES and never got it.

She said she was queuing for a dungeon to get Valour points, and then Roshii told her there was Ulduar run, so she left the dungeon to go do that.  After she joined she found out they were only doing 2 bosses, so she grumpily came back and then she had to requeue for a dungeon, then went back to Deepholm to requeue and BANG her NPCScan was going off - Aeonaxx was there!

Her mouth went dry, her hands were shaking as she rushed there.  Her mount wasn't the fastest mount and she was thinking "Oh God, someone else is going to get there before me!!!" and she didn't speak at all to anyone!  Only when she was finally on Aeonaxx's back did she talk to Roshii  and she said she was so excited and nervous she was misclicking and not talking properly and she was screaming in excitement!  Before long, though, Aeonaxx was hers!

Just in time for account wide mounts next week!  Grats Souglyy!  LOL, and you know what she said to me?

"It just came when I was just flying there, and all those hours spent camping... I'm NEVER going to camp ever again!"

Famous last words Souglyy!  There are ALWAYS things to camp, especially come Pandaland :)


  1. I'm still in shock that I finally got her :) I have to say that it is the BEST feeling when what you've been camping for FINALLY spawns! It is the biggest rush :) So exciting :)
    And yes I know, I will continue to camp for those must have rares :)


  2. Congrats to Souglyy! I know, anything I ever found was not from camping, it just appeared when I wasn't looking. Probably won't stop me from camping though lol.

  3. Grats Souglyy, that is a really nice mount! I had the same excited feeling you did and I was trying to be so careful not to accidently dismount Aoenaxx, lol.

  4. Oooh, congrats to Souglyy! I am sure there will be more fun stuff to camp come MoP ;)

  5. Congrats Souglyy

    (he says between eye twitches and gritted teeth of jealousy...)

  6. Grats babe!!! Woooooo :) so happy that you got it and about time too -Roshii


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