Sneaky Amateur flying below the radar

I don't know why there isn't MORE publicity about it but has anyone noticed what's going down this weekend??

That JD...

No, not Judi Dench.  Madame Q is not the WoW type I think.
No, not Johnny Depp.  Though he is kinda hot and kooky.
No, not James Dean. He's dead.

JD Kenada.  THAT JD.  The Amateur Azerothian is going to be on Twisted Nether Blogcast tomorrow! (Note I mean tomorrow as in Sunday 5/8, though in reality for us Aussies, it's Monday)

I don't know where he's going to find the time... after all, this is the Mogolympics month.  Like he hasn't got enough to do.

So if you're a fan of the Amateur, head on down to listen to him LIVE on the Twisted Nether Blogcast which will be on at Australian Eastern Time 1pm.  I think.  And if you're not a fan, well go and listen to him anyway because you're gonna become one!

The man has a smooth speaking radio voice, so ladies, hold on to your hats :)  Gentleman... well, I don't know what guys think about guys voices but it sure ain't what the girls think.

And that reminds me, I should visit him on his home server for a Navispam.  He is famous after all :P


  1. You and dragonray are kill for a guy's ego. Also, JD stands for Jack Daniels (though Crown Royal is my preferred rye). Thanks for the support, though, I appreciate it.

    The problem with visiting me on my home server is figuring out WHICH server is my home

  2. JD's even on my server, he's everywhere! I can't wait to hear this radio voice!


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