Searching high and low for the Stoppableforce

I thought I would try my luck, and go and see if I could meet Stoppableforce.  I went to his blog and trolled it doing some detective work...

Aha!  In his post On Insanity, there's a pic of him and also the name of his toon!  So off I went to armory to search for him... and there he was!

I pulled up the character screen.  Hmm.  Why does that guild name sound familar??  Maybe somewhere on his blog I'd seen his loading screen before.  /shrug

Anyway, I make a troll female mage on the server, named Navimie.  Funny that.  Ancient wasn't wrong when she talked about my horde of level 1 Navimie alts.

There was only one person online in that guild.  Faustinix.  So I whispered them and said "Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask you about one of your guildies?"

The warlock replied really quickly.  "Sure, Navi, how can I help you? :D"

I was surprised.  He called me Navi!  Could it be...?

"I was looking for Stoppableforce." I said.  "Are you him?"

Fingers crossed.

"Yes, I am."


Stoppableforce switched to his main, Zulfon, and then summoned me to his choice of background...

Which was in Dalaran!  At first I thought it was the purple parlour but it was actually where you go when you get all the books for Higher learning.

Stoppable said nobody is usually on at this time, except maybe Rades.

Wait, what?  Did he say Rades? OMG that's why the guild name is familar, this is Rades' guild!!  OMG was he online?  No he wasn't.  OMG, if he was online I would have died.  I would have SQUEEEEE'D until my voice gave out.  OMG what would I even say to him?

I forgot I was typing out loud.  Stoppable laughed at me.  "Rades is a really nice guy!"  Well, maybe he is... but it's RADES.

Then Narci logged on.  I didn't know who that was, but Stoppable said that was @druidis4fite.  Ohhh I know her!  I follow her on twitter!  I was still a bit starstruck by Stoppable or I would have asked for her pic too but she logged off real quick.

Stoppable showed me his fave toy - red ogre suit.  We danced away... and this pic made me laugh.
"My, what big shoulders you have my dear!" purrrrrr LOL

So that was exciting.  Woot!  Just as well Rades wasn't there.  I would have fainted on the keyboard from being starstruck.  And what would he think of me asking me for a pic?  He'd probably think I was a twit because I'd fainted on the keyboard, that's what!  Stoppable went back to his Molten Front dailies and we chatted for a bit longer before he had to go to work.


  1. You and your starstruck posts! But then you had 3 names that you knew :)

  2. Lol but I don't talk to Rades like you do. I wouldn't know what to say!

  3. Oh Navi! This put a huge smile on my face!

  4. I just noticed that an awful lot of these celebrities are ... er ... insane. Maybe being famous drives you to it!

    1. I think it's just that all the people I like are insane? :D


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