Revisiting Undying Resolution - A navispam post

I had some time so I went back to visit Undying Resolution again to see if I could get Lissanna of Restokin. Lucky for me! She was online! But it looked like the guild was raiding... but Lissanna wasn't in Dragon Soul.

So I sent her a tell...  and she said she graciously allowed me to take a picture with her!  I have to admit, I'm not used to seeing her in Night Elf from - I always think of her as a big fuzzy boomchicken.

I was a bit nervous - this is Lissanna after all, who I am rather in awe of, because of her theorycrafting and intelligent posts.  What would a serious player like that think of someone like me who delights in the crazy, unusual and mind-blabbing that I am known for?

I was still on the mushroom in Zangarmarsh after seeing Hestiah and Poneria, and Lissanna came to me.  She laughed later she totally forgot about Have Group Will Travel.

I tweeted Hestia wondering where she was, and she jumped online and then came over to join the fun.  Pon was raiding.  Amowrath of The Light's Wrath was also online, and we dragged the poor soul over for a pic as well :)  I had to shoo Hestiah away so I could let Amo and Liss have a pic :)

But little did I know she was still hiding out in the background LOL!  I thought that was her bear butt she was facing at me, but it turned out to be her kitty face ...  It was in the DISTANCE OK!!

:) I couldn't stay long because I was on my way out.  But it was lovely to meet a new blogger as well as well as someone who is so admired in the druid community (and admired by me!).  I was still a bit tonguetied around Lissanna, but I did at least manage to sneak a hi to Aesadonna whilst I was online (though I forgot to say hi to Pon in my dumbstruckness).

Amowrath and Lissanna, welcome to the growing ranks of the Navispammed!


  1. I'm glad you were finally able to catch up with Lissanna! She's an inspiration :D

  2. That looks like a pretty awesome party!


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