Patch 5.0.4 Cool Stuff #3 - Account wide Achievements but I'm still #1

So despite account wide achievements, the guild tab still shows character achievements rather than personal ones.  Which means... I may not have the most achievements on my personal toons out of my guildies, but on a toon level, I'm still number #1.  HELL YEAH!

I have to say when I saw people getting 100,000 Valor points and 100,000 Honor Kills I was pretty impressed.  Yay to everyone who got a few extra achievements (Falln said he got Master of Warsong Gulch through account wide achieves GRATS!).

OK, now I'm gonna have to work hard again to keep ahead of these guys sneaking up...


  1. Congrats as your reign of dominance continues... for now!

    1. I am thinking it's one of those things that will get updated at the next maintenance but I will continue to bask while I can!

    2. You are actually still number 1. Account wide Aza is 2nd with 13125. You have at least 400 points on him.

  2. Did Falln get Master of Warsong Gulch because of the wins achievement? I noticed that at least the display of wins isn't account wide, but I'm not sure if getting 100 across account will actually give you the achieve.

    It seems like they should update the guild achievement numbers to match the account wide numbers otherwise there will still be incentive to do everything on one char.


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