Nerisella, Queen of the Desert!

It should be easy visiting Aussie bloggers.  They're on at the same time as me (unless they're in Perth of course and then they're like 4 hours behind!) and when I found out Neri (of Neri Approves!) was living out in the Alice, I wanted to go meet her.  After all, we've chatted, she loves her guild, she has transmog competitions on her blog and she also does charity stuff (see her Dry July challenge) so all round, she's a pretty cool chick!  AND, she plays Horde.

So, went over to look today, probably a BIT optimistic, because it's still afternoon and she could be at work or school.  Her server, a PvP realm that is in my battlegroup, was familiar to me, and when I did a /who of her guild, Concur, there were 4 people online, 2 in Orgrimmar, and 2 in Shadow labyrinth.  I sent a tell to the ones in Orgrimmar, and one of them responded, and told me that Neri was on an alt - one of the toons in Shadow Labyrinth.

So I sent her a hesitant tell, and she replied and told me she was helping her brother, but would be done soon.  All good, I replied.  I had been running around killing things to get coin for an in game mail but phew, don't need to do that now!

So she summoned me to Valley of Spirits and we took a few pics and chatted.  Time was tight, so we were doing a lot of small chat - she'd been sick lately with the flu - and I asked about her guild (and it's name), and we talked about pandas, Dry July, and her August transmog competition, Faction Pride.  Entries close on Friday 24th (by the time this post is published, that date wil be LOOOONG gone).  If I have time I'll try to get dressed up for it and enter.

 She was such a nice hostess.  Always putting that mushroom chair out for me to sit on :)

Then we said our farewells.  It was a short visit (damn you work!) but we swapped RealIDs so now we can just chat whenever - and since we are the same faction we can even DO stuff together!

Thanks for letting me Navispam you Neri, you lovely desert flower!


  1. Thanks again for coming to visit! It was fantastic to meet you. Sorry I wasn't more entertaining. Silly flu!

    1. We were both heading out! I'm just glad I managed to catch that busy queen bee! :D


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