Navispamming my friends

LOL, Navispam fever has caught on at home as well!  My friends want to have a post and a sticker too!  Fortunately, it's easy to hunt them down :)

Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief hasn't been on much lately - her guild is quiet and she's been doing a lot on the beta.  However, her picture needed updating (as well as that dreadful temporary guild name).  She chose Uldum as her spot for pics, and got the opportunity to display her favourite costumes as well.

Alannah's embrace is such a nice dress :) And with Path of Cenarius she looks so pretty!
Ah, the cool Nerubian and Tol'vir archaeology stuff!

McTacky of Just McTacky has been blogging proliferately since he started!  I think he's managed a post a day!  For someone who said he just made his blog so he could comment on others, he's sure been active!  Caught the blogging bug, eh Tacky?  Addictive right? :D 
 In his two different mogs, he's still a quite the looker!

Mabaho of BikesBabesBytes has been pretty busy playing MechWarrior beta so he's not logged into WoW lately.  And he might quit WoW to play that, so I thought I'd grab a pic with him before he becomes (as Ancient would put it) a rare!

 Look at the size of Mab's FEET!  OMG!
 Tacky came and showed us his fave mount - the rocket!  It looks might awesome!

So my dear friends, you didn't miss out on a Navispam!


  1. Replies
    1. I have to get my agent to fix it up for me /grin

  2. It was just a matter of time

    1. You still should have dressed like Wonder Woman in my opinion. That would have been a show stopper!

  3. I think Mabaho qualifies as a rare right now based solely on the size of those feet!

    1. I never realised how big male tauren feet are! I think what would be rare is him sneaking up on you! :D


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