Looking for Nymphy Take 2 - A Navispam post

I did say I was going to see Nymphy and Orv from D/E the Tank, and I was determined to do it but the internet was against me and I had great difficulty logging on.  I had twitter messages from Nymphy asking me to come chat, and so I tried my hardest to get online - these opportunities do not come very often.

 I was anxious when I arrived and very nervous.  These are THE first people I have come to visit that don't know me at all.  Everyone else is a reader, someone who at least knows a little bit of what I am like.  What are they going to think of my boundless enthusiasm?  Or my dreadful typing that gets worse when I'm stressed of nervous or excited?  What am I going to say?  Are they going to think I'm an idiot if I nawwww about how cute they are as a couple?  What will they say if I ask them some of those burning questions that are not appropriate to ask on twitter or as a comment on a blog?  And, I was at work, so that made for a bit of a distracted time too.

Damn, LOL I was still on the roof from the time I met Askevar!  And there was no way down from here except to hearth.

I could see Orvillius flying around me, but I was lagging so badly he disappeared and reappeared constantly.  And Nymphy's dot was far away.  I introduced myself to them with my standard introduction telling them who I was and what I was doing, and asked if I could take a picture with them.  They graciously agreed.

When I'm nervous I chatter endlessly.  I talked and talked and talked, but there were no responses.  Paranoia set in, why am I talking to myself?  It hit me, of COURSE, I'm lagging.  That's why I see no responses.  They probably thought I was being quiet because the damn party chat was taking forever to come through.

I did ask, why had the blog not been updated for so long?  They told me that Nymphy was expecting and they were busy with that and moving in.  Of course, that last post.  Nymphy also apologised for the unfortunate incident but I told her it was not necessary and it did not change my mind about coming here at all, and I did not think any differently of them.  It was true.  I was scared to meet them the first time, and I'm scared now!  But the fear was easing, they were happy to pose for pictures and pull out different pets and mounts.  I imagined that my lag made it look like I was the reticient one, and I thought to myself, next time, if I am doing something like this, an uncertain Navispam, I will need a good connection so there are no misunderstandings.

They were on Vent with Big Bear Butt, and he came flying in to visit.  I relaxed a little, and a bit of the playful side emerged when I told Bear off for not listening to what I say, like a typical man.  He took me for a quick ride around, and I THOUGHT he was going to put me on the ground... I had to logoff suddenly to go back to work, and yes, I am still stuck on that rooftop in Stormwind :P

Damn you work.  I wanted to ask Nymphy about how she was progressing with the pregnancy.  I wanted to ask how they set their computers up when they play WoW together.  I wanted to ask if they sit next to each other and hold hands while playing computer, or whether they were going to pick a cool WoW name for him/her like.. Kael, Tyrande or LOL maybe Varian.  I wanted to ask why is there a spoon on her head in her Twitter icon?? So little time, I wished I didn't have to rush.

However, perhaps it was for the best that I did rush.  The day after my visit, Nymphy posted that she was taking a break from all social media, blogging to rest up before the baby, as her anxiety was getting out of control.  With being pregnant and all, and hormones plus underlying anxiety I could understand that it was a good time to step back.  I felt huge pangs of guilt for her distress (and not to mention a huge amount of paranoia but I tried to push that back down and focus...), but I tried to put myself in her shoes.  If it was me, and I was dealing with an unfortunate incident, and I had a fan come to see me, and I had to deal with all that stuff, would I be angry at my fan? Would I blame them for my decision.  No, I wouldn't.  But that's because, I am, a little self deprecating (heh, just a little, do you think? :P) and so I understood how she felt so I stopped trying to take the blame for it, though it felt really wrong, but I know she would want me to stop.

So I should focus on the positive.  I got Nymphy before her break.  Yay!  And maybe, just maybe, Nymphy was happy to see me too, and was happy to get a Navispam before she got her break.

Oh and Orvillius too.  Can't forget him.  Even though I just did :P


  1. They look completely kind, regal, and gracious! What a lovely post!

  2. What a lovely couple. I'm glad you finally got to meet them. You are one far traveling woman!

  3. Everybody forgets Orv, even when he's raid leading.

    "Why is that guy always talking on vent?"

    "OH! Never mind! I sussed it."

    1. Poor Orv. And dang it I've been spelling his name WRONG.

  4. There's lots of ways to spell Orv. Aaaand Nymphy told me to answer your other questions, so here goes:

    The pregnancy is going well. She is six months along (already? No way....). The baby is going to be Claire Alexis if it is a girl and Donald Alex if it is a boy. Twitter calls the baby "Lockling" though and I'm sure he or she will grow up confused which is his/her real name.

    We just moved into our own place together. For the last few months we were staying with Nymphy's family and she would play on her desktop at her desk while I would sit or lay on the couch and play on my laptop. In our new place her desktop is going to go upstairs in the bedroom. Once we get the rest of our furniture I will probably go back to playing sitting in my old computer chair, in the bedroom near her.

    The spoon on Nymphy's head on the twitter icon came from http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/category/the-spoon-theory/ . Nymphy has an anxiety disorder and some days she doesn't have enough spoons for everything that needs to be done.

    Grimm... I.. I've got nothing.


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