How to be the Apple of my eye - Another reverse Navispam (Applespammed!)

It was the day of our first guild Heroic Dragon Soul raid in 2 months, and I was already excited to be logging in.  I got a tell from someone, saying "Hello are you Navimie?"

"Hi, how can I help you?" I didn't recognise the name.  Lisann? I wondered who it was.  Ooh, I had a visitor?  Would Lissanna visit me?  No way, I thought.  She's way too busy for that!   I wonder who this is.  Who has a toon called Lisann?

"This is Apple - Mat..." started Lisann..

"APPLE!" I squealed at him.  "SQUEEEEEE! OMG Azeroth Apple has come to visit me!"

"I've come to Navispam you!" he said.  "Applespammed!"

"Oh that's so nice of you to come!  Wow!  You didn't have to visit me, I would have gotten to you eventually... but it's so nice of you.  But oh, this is a bad time, we're about to start to raid!"

"Oh, I thought it would be fun to visit you!  And I keep all weird hours of the night, and I wanted to surprise you, but Rades got there first... but that's ok I won't disturb you when raiding."

I looked at the time.  I had 7 minutes.  "I have a few minutes.  Let me come to you real quick so we can get a picture."  I started flying towards Mulgore.

"Are you sure?  I'm not that special, I can wait."

"Don't sell yourself short," I said.  "You are AZEROTH APPLE!  The courageous Apple whose writing I so admire.  You know that."

"I know," he said.  "I'm sorry I forgot about you, you just fell off my radar..."

"Oh, that's alright," I said.  "It doesn't change how I feel about what you wrote.  I read that post about 10 times I think."

Apple was really sweet.  He's so friendly, I was amazed that he was so lovely - I hoped that it wasn't guilt because he forgot who I was... but that doesn't matter, he remembers me now.  Even on Twitter Apple is all stars and sunshine, and chatty.

So I got there, took a quick shot, and I asked about the name.  Apple said that the name Lysan was already taken (that's the name of his main toon) and also Lisan, so that's why he settled on Lisann. I had to go soon after so I waved and hugged him and set off for Dragon Soul (which was a good night if you hadn't already read).

So thank you for the reverse Navispam Apple!  You can read Apple's post about the visit here - it made me feel so special!!  This picture still gets a sticker though because it's SO going on my wall of bloggers!


  1. Not a bit of it was guilt! I mean, I did feel bad, but you're just so sweet and bright and lovely that omg how could I not be all over coming to see you! <3333 I'm glad I made you smile!!!


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