Highlights of the week from my Blogroll 19 August, 2012

This week I have discovered SO MANY new blogs to read (like I didn't have enough on my reading list!) but there have been some outstanding posts that I want to draw attention to:

Confessions of a Grown Up Gamer is in my weekly highlights AGAIN (I think he's trying to get ahead of Tzufit on my highlight list!) with a tragic, emotional story as part of his participation in this week's Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth: How has WoW changed you?  A warning - it's a tear jerker.  But damn, does it pack a punch with the passion and feeling behind it.  Am in AWE of you, Chris.

Mataoka of Sugar and Blood wrote a gorgeous little story for me as gift, full of imagery that I love and an underlying message that shaped the end of last week fo rme.  Thank you Matty.

Ironyca Who Stood in the Fire made an amusing list about 29 things I have learned from doing in game server events/WoW Factor shows.  So true.

And Mogolympics results are coming out!  Mogolympics was the brain child of JD of Amateur Azerothian - a transmog competition with events just like the Olympics, with all the competitors competing under an Azerothian faction.  The judges are Tome of the Ancient, Mataoka, and Khizzara.  This week saw the results of Cycling and Hammer Throw.  Go and have a look at all the cool transmogs from around Azeroth!


  1. i'm been sitting here for like 5 minutes trying to figure out how to say "thank you". It's been an emotional week.
    I truly feel that you're a cheerleader that's getting my son's story out there. As a result, people stop and think "what if that were me". I believe that my son's legacy is that his life will make others stop and think will eventually have an impact on someone's life someplace, and then his wouldn't have been in vain.

    so simply, thank you. thanks for the shout-outs. thanks for the encouragement. thanks but just being Navi.

    1. I think for me it is more than just your words and your story. It is a reminder for us that we should be thankful for what we do have. And you know how I feel about life. Your son's life, though short, has touched so many of us. And I'm glad that you could finally start your own journey of healing and that we all could help you in some minuscule way.

  2. Navi - I read this post late last night, and thank you for sharing Chris's story. I have never read anything so eloquent and heartbreaking on love and loss.

    Damn, I am a lucky woman to have a friend like you out there in the world.

    1. Aww Matty you'll make me cry in a minute!


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