Hasteur la vista, baby!

I hate trying to blog from my phone. Sometimes I try it but it's just stupid and it has a whole heap of saved blank posts, and when I try to go back it does things like publish.  I accidentally published a blank post the other day, and I didn't have it up long, I'm sure it was less than an hour.  But, I got this tweet:

I have never met Hasteur before, and I am always surprised (and starstruck!) if someone is following me and reading me, and hiding.  Why don't they comment so I know they exist and I can thank them for coming to read me?  Or maybe this is his way of letting me know he reads me - either way, I'm excited because this is the first person who has ever contacted me outside my blog who reads it and I didn't know about it.  As much as I think Twitter is another annoying thing to suck up my time, it actually has a lot of uses.

Hasteur sent me a tell saying he was willing to be Navispammed as long as he wasn't in an instance. - he had been umming and ahhing about it until the events on Thursday, and thought this was a good way to show support.  It did cheer me up though :) Not many people (at that stage) ask for a Navispam.  One thing I have found with Navispamming is detective skills.  People TEND to use their names as their toon names.  And if they're bloggers, they often have some kind of link on their site to their toons.  Those that want to hide their toons do it very well.  Hasteur has a tumblr account, and he is part of Group Quest podcast, neither of which give a lot away.  His twitter account says he is a warlock, so it's a start.  I looked at the spelling on tumblr and on the Group quest website, and it's american.  OK, well that's another good clue.

Ok, so off I go Armory. AWESOME.  There is only one warlock named Hasteur.  Off I go.

I login and /who and perfect!  He's online!  I send him a tell, and oh crap, he's got one of those damn spam mods which blocks whispers from low level toons.  Great.  So I have to resort to going via a guildie.  Deep breath, here we go, and I go into the whole "Hi there, I'm sorry to disturb you, can I ask you a question about one of your guildies?"  That opening line is getting a bit boring, but it works.  The person I chose said that he THOUGHT Hasteur was on a podcast but he wasn't sure.  I was 99% sure it was him anyway, so I asked Hasteur's guildie if he could pass a quick message for me.  The guildie laughed, and said why don't I just level to level 2.  I said I was doing that but if he could let Hasteur know.  I grumbled as I set off picking cactus apples.  I hate levelling.  The number of times I've had to pick cactus apples, kill saber cubs, kill moths or kill invaders in Mulgore just to get some coin to send an ingame mail...

It wasn't long before I got a tell from Hasteur - SAVED from questing woot!  He came to meet me with his dual-boxer.  I was at work so I couldn't talk for long or stay for long and so after introducing myself and asking him if I could take a picture with him, I asked him how did he discover my blog.  Because I'm not a particularly informative blog full of news or theorycraft, I'm a faffer, a raider, a PvPer and an achievement hunter.

He said he got there from somewhere else, and also he was friends with Moogyver and saw that I had recently Navispammed him.  So I had to tell him something cool about Moogyver, that I discovered the night before!

Time shift to last night....

I was doing dungeons with Lushnek's low level alt, and I said I would tank, and then Aza and Sev brought their low level alts, and McTacky came as well.  So while we were bumming around, I noticed Moogyver hanging around... still at level 82.  Man, does he level slow.  I asked the boys if they would mind if I took Moogyver to an instance since really, there was nothing much for me or Tacky there, and Tacky was happy to sit out since he was just there to help, though I did wish he could meet Moogyver.  Tacky somehow misheard me and thought we were talking about MacGuyver and because we had been talking about Sci-Fi TV shows, he started talking about Richard Dean Anderson and Stargate.  I had to laugh and say no, I meant Moogyver, a player.

So I asked Moogyver if he'd like to do an instance, and he said he hadn't done one since WotLK.  I told him not to worry, it's just some free XP and maybe some gear, and we would happily carry him through the instance.  Tactless, blunt Navi strikes again.  LOL, but I did temper it with I would like him to meet my guildies.

Moogyver mentioned to me that he worked on Farscape, and I was like woah, what?  I told my guildies and they said "Oh, get him on Vent, now!"  So he got on and we set off to do some random dungeons.

Now my tanking is not the best and I kept pulling trash with a boss but fortunately it went ok.  We did a few dungeons, Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides, and Moogyver hadn't been to either of them before.  I was pretty lousy at pulling the boss in and out of that molten metal, and Aza was yelling at me to get him out before we all died.   Phew, nice healing Aza.

Moogyver happily spoke to everyone about the work he did on LotR movies and Farscape because he works for a CGI company.  That was pretty cool and my guildies had a few questions for him and thought he was a pretty cool guy.  Hey, anyone who works on sci-fi TV shows, MUST be cool.  It was kinda cute taking someone who had never been to the dungeons before.  Moogyver stopped to look at all the things in Throne, the jellyfish, the cut scenes, the boss at the end... I think he rather enjoyed himself.  I told him to relax, not to worry about his DPS because... we're just doing this stuff for fun.  And I think he had fun.  He must have or he wouldn't have stayed for 3 dungeons :)

Back to the present...

So I told Hasteur that Moogyver worked on Farscape and he was like WHAAAAAT!  He went and asked Moogyver about it.

I was about to log off on the cliff when Hasteur pulled out his Nightwing.  Well, I HAD to ride that!  That was pretty cool.

Welcome to the Navispammed Hasteur :)


  1. I had an awesome time :-D any time you want to drag my sorry butt through dungeons I should have completed long ago, I'm up for it!
    And Grats to Hasteur on getting the Navispam achievment! (25 points)

    1. I'm glad you had a good time - that was the point! Happy to take Nataniapally too if she would like :)
      LOL, you know what, that gave me an idea Moogyver :)

  2. OMG! OMG! Farscape! One of my favorites! And I totally get the sightseeing in dungeons. In the Laid Back Raids I spend most of my time with the ui hidden to take screen shots and have no idea what's going on, lol, I'm seeing the sights!

    1. A shame you're not Horde Ancient :) I'd take you for a tour!

    2. Oh now you've offended Sasche, she's running around Orgrimmar now yelling "For the Horde" and making a spectacle of herself, lol!

    3. Silly me forgot about Sasche! I was thinking of Catwynn for some reason. Why am I so stupid :( Sorry Sasche! Brain FART!

  3. More Navispam to read about!

    But thanks to Navispam....there are so many more blogs to check out now.... >.<

    It's really nice to see things like this, makes monday not so glum!

    Keep it up!

    1. Heh, thanks Slice! You know I was so diligent with my navispams that I have a week's worth all lined up. I can take a break for a bit during the week :)

  4. Speaking from experience... Warlocks are excellent at lurking.

    Just sayin'.

    1. Thank you for visiting Fulgaris! You honour me :-) and now I am off to read all about you :-)

  5. *sticks head up*

    And now for something completely different, a warlock singing.

    /cast [Howl of Terror]

    1. /runs away terrified
      And that wasn't from the spell...
      * grins cheekily*


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