Frostwolves' last raid before Patch 5.0.4

We had one day to raid before patch hit next week, and we hoped we could get Spine down. last night  Unfortunately we didn't make much progress on it all night, though we consistently got one plate off.  The bloods were damn annoying!  I liked the idea of the amalgamation picking up the bloods and then we turn and drop him off to get rid of some of those bloods but the debuff was pretty heavy and we couldn't get them all off.  We even had Aza switch from his warlock to his paladin for more burst (2 locks are never great for bursting down that tendon) but we often lost a DPS from the explosion because we hadn't healed the debuff off.  When there are 5 of them on OOF it's pretty shit!

Lushnek was pretty good with healing and dispels - he only missed 2, and he was lagging sometimes.  I hope he moves out soon and gets some proper internet :D  Timing tree form and innervate was what I was counting on to conserve mana, but probably I could have healed a bit harder since we weren't getting the second plate off anyway.

Souglyy was really cute coz she was SO positive yesterday!  I was feeling pretty positive but I was focussing hard on how to conserve mana but Gutsy was telling me to heal hard and hit 50k hps - I don't think I can ever do that, but he can on his druid.  He must be a better healer than me :)

Anyway, I am wondering how I'll go with new talents next week.  I have to admit I waste a lot of mana in healing, and with a fixed mana pool come patch, I'll be working hard to not OOM myself with my current playstyle!

I guess it's PvP for the rest of this week :D  Awesome!  Hmm, I wonder how PvP will be when new talents come.  That will be interesting.  I hope that my learning curve is as fast as everyone else's.


  1. I wonder if they're going to change the mechanics in DS. 8 second cooldowns on dispels are going to be... tricky!

    1. I hear they are doing something to that so there is no cooldown in the interim...


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