Finding a Frostwolf via a lucky twist of fate

The story is a familiar one.  Many of us have made friends in the game and then the friend disappears, and you wonder where they went.  Sometimes they come back, or sometimes you can pass a message to someone who knew them in real life.  But most of the time you have no idea what happened to them.

Today I was on Twitter tweeting about my visit from Azeroth Apple, and Erinys, of Harpy's Nest, retweeted my post.  Interestingly, this reply came:

So I went to investigate who this person was, and had a look at her tweets:

And when I saw it, it was funny because there was only one person that jumped out from my memory who it could be - and that was a female orc shaman who was in our guild on Khadgar and came with us to Dath'remar, named Lunasee.

Luna used to heal with us and she was quite close to Moopie (or Madcow, as he was known on Khadgar).  She had a few alts and was quiet, not excessively chatty but friendly, and me being my usual curious self would chat and ask her all about things, like her move to a new country, and her thinking about opening a store and writing.  I thought it was pretty cool to have dreams like that to follow.  I think it was a store she was going to open.  Or maybe an online business.  I forget exactly, but it was something brave and adventurous compared to the things that I do, more like chasing a dream than climbing a career ladder.  I admired that.

So she would log on every now and then, but hardly anyof us would be on.  Moo would tell me if she was on when we were so we could say hi, but I think Luna became increasingly shy because the guild was not just same one crew that we'd had back on Khadgar/early Dath'remar and there were more and more people she didn't know.   Eventually I didn't see her at all, and I assumed she had found somewhere else to play.  However, her name would pop up in conversations every now and then when we talked about things like resto shamans because she was our original resto shaman, and since then we've had a few others moving through like Eddings, Arstor, Shamps, Shampain (not same person as Shamps!), Rockhoof, Targetme, Jinjersnaps and Voe.  Phew!  Look at all those names - talk about blast from the past!

So, I found that she has a gaming blog and I went to have a look - no hints there about who she might be but I still had my suspicions.  I sent a message to Moopie to ask him if that was Lunasee, and he confirmed that it was.  So yay!  I found a long lost friend, AND I got a new blog to read, AND now I can talk to her on Twitter if I want to (LOL providing she wants to talk back - I hope so)!  I'm sure all my guildies who were friends with Luna are glad to know she is still out there, playing WoW, and using all her creative talent doing things like writing (just like some of her other Frosties guildies).

Oh, and another interesting side note...

LeetaWoW, the person Luna was chatting to, is in the guild that I was visiting yesterday!  So that's the first weird thing, and then SECONDLY, she was a warlock (which makes the third warlock from that guild I've spoken to - considering I've only spoken to 1 in person so far!).  And the THIRD thing?  Well, one of the Warlocks from that guild has been looking for me on Dath and he caught up with me today :)  But that post will come out next week!  But just wait till I tell Shab and Sev and Aza that Amijade is in the guild :)

There will be no peace for mages.  And Sev and Aza will be romping around saying Warlocks rule :P


  1. *puts on his ice barrier, mana shield, mage ward and ice blocks to shield himself from the impending foul stench of warlock diarrhoea directed his way.

  2. Aww Luna, she gave me the nicest complement once in Mana Tombs. Good to hear she's doing well. Wishing her all good things :)

    1. You can chat to her on twitter too Cym!

  3. Not just the traveling Navi, now you're the traveling detective Navi!

    1. Haha! Is that like a travelling Wilbury?

  4. I never disappeared navi I was waiting for new xpac you nuffie



    Im baaaaaaaaack


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