Eye-Spy-Ya Jas-Eye-Lah - A Navispam post

I had a bit of spare time at work. Hmm, should I go do a Navispam and try my luck? Or go write a blog post?  Hmmm, I thought I want to give it a try.  Off I went to Eldre'Thalas to see if I could see a certain someone - one of the most famous and well respected druid bloggers at present.  That's right!  Jasyla!

I logged in and did a /who Apotheosis and WOW.  The guild was on... in Dragon Soul.  Ok, talking in an instance is one thing, talking in a heroic raid... is another.  Think Navi, think.  Jas will have DBM on, so maybe she won't notice in the middle of a boss fight if I just do a status to get a DBM reply to see where they're up to, so I can see when they've finished killing the boss so I can quickly sneak a word in.

I whisper Jasyla. "Status"
I go an instant reply.  "Hi!!"
Woah!  She must be between boss fights because there were no DBM messages.  I wasn't as nervous meeting Jasyla as I had some of my other heroes - she did ask me to come visit, after all.  Just not, I am sure during heroic Dragon Soul ><

"Sorry for talking during DS!" I said.  "I don't want to disturb."
"Oh, it's OK. We're just doing loot."
Maybe it's because I have listened to Jasyla a lot in the car, and that makes me feel like I know her better (even though it's not quite the same the other way around, but she has listened to my TNB as well) but talking to her is easy.  I asked her when their raid would finish - ugh another 2 hours.  That wasn't good.  It would be time for me to get back to work by then, so maybe I could just come back another day.  We chatted about a few other things and I had to tell her how excited I was to meet her and she said she was excited to be Navispammed.  Wow!  Jasyla, who is so well read and respected, was exited to be having a pic taken with silly little ME! Woot!

She asked me "Oh, do you want a guild invite?"  And I was totally blown away.  My head started to buzz.  I was about to have an alt in Apotheosis, the #1 25 man guild on the server!  "Wait, I haven't filled out an application," I said to Jasyla, thinking about a conversation I had with Godmother just the other day.  "That's Ok, you're coming in as a friend," she said.  Phew.
"Shh, don't tell anyone it's me," I said.
The guild invite was buggy so I relogged and got invited again.  I joined and my screen started to fill with green guild chatter.

Tikari: Welcome!
Navimie: Thank you for the invite :)
Navimie: OMG Tikari :)
Srsbusiness: Welcome
Kaleri: Oh
Madrana: Welcome :)
Tikari: hi!
Kaleri: Hi!
Navimie: OMG kaleri!
Jasyla: Welcome
Serrinne: who are we getting photo bombed?
Serrinne: :P
Jaymz: Hi!!!!
Nowell: Is this the Twitter Navi?

And so on!  Anyway, I was pretty excited having an Apotheosis tag that  I was standing around near a tree taking a picture of myself....

When suddenly I saw an emote of a wave from Jasyla!  I quickly turned around and there she was, in the flesh!  Boy was I excited! :D

Jasyla was sitting out from a raid boss and came to take some pics with me.  I was so chuffed - this was JASYLA, who I go to for all my resto help!  One of my resto druid heroes!  She probably would think I was being silly, but it is pretty exciting!

I was suprised she pulled out Jay Leno tree form.  She says she likes the cooldown.  I still hate tree.  It's from vanilla, I think, when it first came out and it was so stupid and slow.  I think I just have tree prejudice (it has improved in spades since Vanilla).

I was at work so I could harldy talk and had to AFK a lot, and I told Jasyla that I would probably have to leave but I thanked her for the photo opportunity!  I didn't get much of a chance to chat to the other guildies (they were raiding after all) and I had work so I hope they didn't get upset at the neglect.  So yay!  Another awesome druid Navispammed!  Cheers Jasyla!


  1. It was so awesome to have you stop by! Please come be again soon and often, ok? :-)

    1. LOL I don't want to do social visits when you guys are RAIDING! Though unfortunately that's the best time to catch everyone!

  2. Yay!

    Getting Navispammed was fun :)

  3. Hey Navi! I just wanted to extend my welcome once again and to note that your choice of a human, female paladin pleases me.

    Also, I hate tree form, too. (Vanilla FTW!) :)

    1. Kurn! My gosh this is... overwhelming! Thank you for visiting my humble blog :) And /giggle at you liking my choice of toon /grin.
      Sometimes I think I live in Vanilla days too much. Rank 4 HT!! :D

  4. I'll add on to Tikari/Jas/Kurn here and say that we're glad to have you!


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