The last 24 hours have been the busiest I have ever had when it comes to my blog.  I really needed the day off I think to sort through everything.  But a half day will have to do.

The events of yesterday cascaded into something I suspected might happen but on a bigger scale.  My stupid mistake turned into a poo-flinging contest when all I wanted to share really, was the experience of someone (well, ME) who tries hard to do something nice but it turned into something ugly.  Yes mistakes were on both sides.  Mine was pestering someone in a dungeon - yes I've heard all the arguments, but if I hadn't done THAT, then none of this would have happened.  Icedragon's mistake was posting on Twitter.  Remember, I was NOT upset by her reaction in the dungeon, because I can UNDERSTAND why she would be angry.  Whether it is wrong or right is for nobody to judge because nobody was upset by it, because I wasn't upset by it, more embarrassed for making her angry in the first place.  But if I had to live that moment over, I would do it again, because time is precious and I haven't got time to waste when looking for people because I do all this stuff while I'm at work in snatched moments.  And you people on the other side of the planet sleep at funny times :)

Icedragon has apologised to me and I have forgiven her.  As I said in my post, she was probably having a bad day.  It happens to anyone.  Her friends have called out in support of her and asked me to rewrite what I had written, but if you look carefully I have done nothing but try to be understanding to why she was like that, I did not say she was a bad person.  However, the events did not just affect her, it unfortunately dragged the lovely people I had gone to meet into a stressful situation which, has since been resolved.

I went today, to meet Nymphy and Orv.  She wanted to apologise to me but no apology is necessary.   I was still thrilled to meet them, which is what I wanted to do all along.  So in the end, I got what I wanted, which was to Navispam them!  Their Navispam post will come later though.

As I do with all things that upset me, I cried about it, I wrote about it, and I moved on, like it was yesterdays' news.

I want to thank EVERYONE for their support and hugs and cuddles and tweets, DMs, emails and comments (I don't think I've ever seen that much online talking to me in my LIFE).  The community is amazing, and it will never cease to amaze me.  People I knew who had never talked to me spoke to me, people I didn't know came up to me to say hi because they think I'm a nice person, and were given the courage to do so.  I am still trying to personally reply every message and comment so that everyone will know just how much what they said means to me.

My shield and mace has also calmed down and I would like everyone to not mention the "unfortunate incident" anymore.  I think the lesson has been learned.

Which lesson was that?  I hear you ask.

The lesson I want EVERYONE to learn is that social media must be used responsibly.  Had I been more frail of character, with self esteem issues, those words could have been very hurtful.  They could have driven me to self harm, had I been someone with that much anxiety or depression.  But I am not.  In fact, I am GLAD that it was done to me because I know there would be no lasting effects on myself because I will just pick myself up and get going again - nothing can keep me down.  But what if I had been a little mouse that nobody had heard of?  Would anyone even care?  I wanted to speak up for all those little mice because nobody would have looked after them.

So please, before you write anything in anger, think how you would feel if it was you being written about.  If I look at my blog post and I was the cranky one and I'd hurt someone's feelings, what would I have done?

I know what I would have done.  I would have apologised immediately, acknowledged all the mistakes I had made and beg forgiveness.  Because I didn't know what I said had affected the person so.  And I would be horrified that I had hurt them.  But that's me.  I DON'T expect that in return but I do expect people to treat me how they would like to be treated.

And.  NO MORE COMMENTS on that other post please :)  DM them to me privately, email me, I don't want any more public vilification of me or Icedragon.  Hug me if you like.  I'll know what it's for.

Oh, and the positive things that I got out of this thing? People actually speaking to me saying they were too scared to ask for Navispam, and now they can ask.  I love it!  Who on earth would be scared of me?   Oh and I got presents (see upcoming posts) and lots of virtual cookies.

Alright, that is the end of that.  Navizor has spoken. 


  1. If it were me on your end, I know I would have been more sensitive but you know that I'm sure :)

    I still remember a particular comment to me in college just for telling you your sister was on the phone. I know, I know - you meant it in the nicest possible way :P

  2. I was such a meanie when I was younger. Hopefully I've improved with age. Older and wiser right? :-)

  3. Everyone took a deep breath, (not the Onyxia type this time) had a cuppa, and sorted stuff out.

    THE SYSTEM WORKS! :-) Glad to hear its all sorted.

  4. Everyone has their moments, everyone has the potential to be stupid. The key is a) knowing you did it to begin with and b) how you deal with it after the event. There's a big problem with the Internet, the whole world can see what you do, even if you aren't on first name terms with 99% of them.

    Once you set anything 'out here' you have to be prepared to deal with consequences.

    Some people are clearly better at dealing with that than others.

  5. Okay then hug, since I can't reliably say anything without the whole effing thing.

    1. It's OK. I know what you mean. /hug

  6. I'm afraid of Navizor. But then again, Navizor is scary. ;)


  7. *bows before the Navizor* Your roar is our command! :D

    And if you ever wander by Fizzcrank I have some Nelf kittehs that would love to dance with you. :) (Or Shandris if Belfs are more your flavor, except there'd be more Shadowy Goodness and less Feral Awesome)

    Quandry: If I Navispam Navi, what do I call it? *ponders*

    1. I will look for you Martha :) So now begins the detective work!

  8. Any time you want to NaviSpam me, feel free. ;)


    1. :D /hug Ty banesidhe, ty for visiting my humble blog :)

  9. I'm glad to hear that everything is on the mend <3


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