Damn you Kologarn!

I thought I would drag some of my achievement buddies to Ulduar yesterday in an attempt to get some of the harder achievements - If Looks Could Kill or Rubble and Roll - though If Looks Could Kill was my goal.  I figured the less people there are the easier it is to avoid eye beams.  But I swear, those eye beams are a bit buggy.

With the Achievement tracker on it was going off constantly that we had failed even though it seemed like NOBODY was near the beam!  And we started with 6 people - you need good DPS to crack that hand open to drop the 3 it's picked up before we die.  So with a bit of shuffling of alts and then eventually back to mains, we dragged Sev in to help DPS Kologarn a bit but I had to run at 1030pm to do something so I couldn't persist on Kologarn.  We ended up killing it just in case the achievement tracker was wrong.  But it wasn't.

Souglyy's mage looked funny dead, so I just had to take a pic to remind myself of what we were doing most of the night.  Arvash, McTacky, Faith, Roshii, Souglyy and myself with Sev helping at the end were the ones trying for it, and I have to say that with less people, you have a better chance of doing the other achievements.  To get Rubble and Roll you have to practically NEVER attack the body and only break arms to get enough rubbles out.  But then I suppose with a big group you could say nobody attack Kolo and only hit the arm and kill the rubbles.

Oh well, next week I won't torture everyone with getting to Kolo, I'm going to have it locked to a save so we can just start on it only and get that silly achievement!  And I'll be damn glad when I do it!


  1. Sorry about that, I know most of those wipes were my fault, but I know that a couple of them weren't as I wasn't close to the beams at all. Not sure why the addon still went off, though. We'll get them next time!

    Oh, you might need to still reset the raid, we did end up killing Kolo in the end, lol. =P

    1. Not your fault! I just feel terrible because I feel like I failed everyone because we couldn't get an achievement down. Yes, I did call you by that other name... LOL but truly I wasn't upset at anyone, I just wanted to get it so we can all get it.

  2. Oh, poor Souglyy, immortalized in death for all time. But I agree that's the best death pose I've ever seen!

    1. Even in death, goblins are hilarious and cute :)


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