Are you Shor(yl) you want to be Navispammed?

Shoryl, of Tiny WoW guild,  was the next of my own friends to be Navispammed.  I asked her, and you know what, she was THRILLED to be asked!  I should ask people more, I think.  I thought I was being a pest!

I made a Worgen Druid but I didn't realise her guild couldn't summon yet!  So I had to go make a dwarf instead and funnily enough, I look very similar to Shoryl!

Shoryl's main is Gundrid, a very Dwarven sounding name indeed, and she is a paladin as well, with a lovely transmog!  She has the awesome luck (skill?) of having a Phosphorescent Stone Drake so that was a cool thing to be taking a pic of!

Shoryl told me she was excited to be Navispammed, she had even told JD about it.  (And yes, he was teasing me about it earlier).  People, especially my friends, should just ask me to come Navispam them because I am MORE THAN HAPPY to :D

I couldn't spend too much time chatting away because Sevros and Shabadu and Arvash were online waiting for me to come back and PvP - fortunately me and Shoryl are realID friends anyway, so we could still chat whilst I was off bashing heads :)

Maybe one day I will be able to do one of those Laid Back Dungeons.  Maybe if I level my Alliance toon to max... um, yeah.  Blue moons, flying pigs and all that jazz.

You've been Navispammed Shoryl!


  1. Or, you know, bring your Mage and we can do level appropriate dungeons to essentially get the XP for you.

    1. I want to go for fun! I don't want to feel like the burden that has to be carried! I like helping out :)

  2. You are lovely pair of lassies indeed!

  3. Yeah, really, Nav! We can help you level your alliance toon, too. We're there to have fun. I like having something that someone wants, but XP is definitely a something!

    1. I am happy to do anything! Hopefully I can be on at the right time someday :)


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