Another Navispam post - Finding something you didn't know you were looking for...

I logged onto Elune today looking for Euphyley, but knowing Effraeti was there also (hadn't seen her online in AGES though).  Didn't have much luck though, since both were not online.

Thunderspank saw me on there and asked me if I was off to see Lissanna!  Now I had forgotten that Lissanna was on Elune, and then I recalled that a lot of her guildies were also bloggers - Juvenate and Poneria being the two that I can remember off the top of my head.  Both of whose blogs I have visited before.  I felt a bit anxious though, neither of those 3 knows me very well, and my usual Navi boisterousness could be a bit... well... embarrassing.  And they are such theorycrafters, masterminds,  SMART PEOPLE... and I am, well, you know... ME.  Silly Navi and her little crazy projects.

So I /who and pull up their guild roster and browse through the names.  One name catches my eye.  Aesadonna.  Why do I know that name??  I did a quick armory search on her.  She's a DK, nice mog!  Hmm... I can't quite place it.  I'll whisper her and maybe she can point me in the direction of some of the people I'm looking for.  She has a nice name.

So I send her my usual opening whisper.  "Hi, sorry for disturbing you!  I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about some of your guildies?"

I didn't get a reply for a while.  I sat there staring at her name and thought, heck I'm just gonna go to Effy's site and go through her guildies blogs and I'll figure it out.

Just for good measure I sent the same tell to the druid who was online at the time as well, about 1 minute after I sent the first tell.  Though she responded very quickly, saying she was new to the guild and wasn't the best person to ask.  I thanked her and went back to my alt tabbing.

I just pulled up Effy's blog when I noticed Aesadonna had replied me.  And I asked her about her guild, saying that there are a lot of bloggers there, and asked if Lissanna, Juvenate or Poneria were online.  She told me sadly no, none were online and Poneria has no net.

I couldn't stand it, I had to know.  I asked her, if she had a blog.  She said yes, she does but it's mostly about transmog and stuff.  And at that time I looked over to my other screen and saw that I had opened the first guildie link from Effy's page, which was Derp Kn00b.

And then I remembered.  THAT was Aesadonna's blog!  I can only remember one post clearly, and that was a post where her partner/friend had a medical condition and was sick in hospital.  She talked about the support of her guildies and twitterers and I remember thinking, how nice that must have been.  It's great to have a nice supportive guild and even people you don't know.

So I said that to her, and it WAS her!  I was excited, yay I found another blogger!  So I remembered my manners finally, and I was a little flustered and excited, and I introduced myself as Navimie from the Daily Frostwolf and I told her what my little project was, and Aesadonna was happy to oblige!  I asked her about the friend in her post, and it was her fiance Beefbus.  He was online at the time too.  So, I asked if I could take a picture with her and Beefbus and they said yes!!!!

So they summoned me to their summer house.  Which I have read about, but never seen before.  I'm Horde.  I don't know these things :)

There was a robotic sheep that blows up and kills the other sheep.  I had read that somewhere before, and Beefbus demonstrated that nicely for me... making the little gnome come out from his house.

Of course I thought I should give them the opportinuty to show off their prized possessions... Rivendare's mount is a highly appropriate DK mount!

 And then Aesadonna was so kind as to give me a lift to Stormwind!  Wooo for Sandstone drakes!

So my trip turned out to be a success after all!  I was pleased, and I was thrilled to meet another blogger :)  I just hope Aesadonna didn't think I was trying to spam my blog - because that's not true at ALL!!  I just love the opportunity to meet some of the people out there who have inspired me, or written stuff that was just amazing, and given me good memories to go with it.  And she certainly has done that.

Consider yourself Navispammed Aesadonna!  I will be back to Elune though, as there are people I need to see still!


  1. What a beautiful summer home they have, so nice you got to visit!

    1. It was lovely! That Elwynn forest seems not so bad after all.

  2. It was wonderful to meet you and it totally made my night, hehe :-)

    1. Likewise! And Ty for dropping by! I felt so fortunate ;-)


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