Another Navispam post - Askevar, yanked and tanked!

I thought I'd try my luck and see if Askevar of You Yank it you Tank it was online.  She left a comment on my Navispam page saying how cool it was, and I noticed she was tweeting as well.  I might get lucky!

I logged into her server, and there was she wasn't online.  There was one person online in her guild, an 85 druid.  I thought I'd ask and see if Askevar was around.

"Hi there," I said.  "Sorry to disturb, I was wondering if Askevar has been online recently?"
"Oh, she's on right now," said the druid.  "Let me get her."  
Awesome!  This druid was really helpful, I was lucky!
"Oh, don't tell her, I want to surprise her!   What toon is she on?"  Oh, I was quite excited by the thought of surprising her.  I hoped she knew who I was.  I thought about what I was going to say to her when she got online.  I hoped that this druid didn't think I was some kind of stalker - which is always a possibility when some stranger comes looking for someone.
":D Let me just log her in."

Oh. My. God.  The druid was Askevar!  LOL!!

I soon got a tell from the real Askevar.  "Hi!"

Whoooo!  I was grinning like an idiot.  I started to type furiously.

"LOL, I didn't know that was you!  So exciting!" I squeee'd at her.
"This is such a surprise!" Askevar said.
So I introduced myself, as Navimie from the Daily Frostwolf, and told her my little project, but she knew all about it, and was really pleased to be asked for a Navispam.

She summoned me to Stormwind and brought her husband Ven to meet me as well.  They were both very fashionably mogged!  And they both had very enviable titles!

We chatted for a while, and I told her I was impressed that she tanks. I don't know many female tanks, let alone female DK tanks.  She told me that she and her husband tank together and I thought what a cool combo!  Usually I see couples as tank/heal and double dps combos, but very rarely do I see a tank/tank couple.

She took me for a ride then (they both had Sandstone Drakes btw), and how cool is it that the Sandstone drake has a bone shield!

Thank you for meeting me Askevar!  Consider yourself Navispammed!


  1. Thanks again for coming by! Hope to see you again sometime!

    1. It was great to meet you Askevar :D I had a blast!


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