An Ironyc(a) twist - reverse Navispam!

How surprised was I to see this in my email:
...It's me logging back on to Dath'Remar, it's just a few hours old. Neither you nor Cymre were online, so I didn't get to Navispam and hug you as a show of my support. I thought it would have been fun if I had succeeded in Navispamming Navimie herself! I can see server time was 6 in the morning, so okay, I was probably a bit optimistic :D...
Ironyca (of Ironyca stood in the fire) had visited before, when WoW Factor was invited to Dath'remar to help judge a transmog show held by the guild Rojak.  I'd chatted to her a little then, but she was pretty busy!

Anyway, as soon as I read that I jumped online, but didn't expect to see her, so then I talked to her on Twitter:

So I waited and there she popped!  I took her for a ride while we chatted.  Or rather, my daughter did :D

We chatted a bit about recent events and it was good that we had the same views about things.  It was another one of those kindred spirit meeetings.

I looked at the clock.  Cymre should be getting up now, or if not, it wasn't too rude to wake her up.  I asked Ironyca if she'd like to get Cymre on, and she said yes, but not if I had to wake her up.  Pfft.  Cym wants to see Ironyca, she'll get up for her.  So I get Cym on the phone.

"Hmmm? Hi..." says Cym sleepily.
"Hi Cym!  Get online," I said excitedly.  "Someone wants to see you."
"A blogger."
Oh, I wanted to surprise her but I realised she was reluctant to get out of bed.  I was going to have to tell her if I wanted her to get up.
"Ironyca has come to Dath'remar to see us."
"Oh...!  Coming, in a minute."
Heh, that worked :D
"OK I'll see you online soon."

So Cym got online and I thought we could all go somewhere together.  I pulled out my mammoth and tried to get the lift to go upstairs... but I couldn't get in the door.

I asked Cym to take Ironyca on her mount, so we both got our Sandstone Drakes and I noticed that Cym's was a different colour in Shadowform.  Cool!

We ended up flying to Mulgore to see the critters and check out the primitive paintings on the rocks.  My daughter was having fun flying me around and hiding in bushes from Cymre and Ironyca.

I had to leave shortly after, but thank you Ironyca for the visit!  I have been reverse Navispammed! :D
You can read Cym's story of the visit here.


  1. Oh poor Cymre, I felt so bad, didn't want to be an inconvenience, but you were both so sweet.
    We had a good chat, I really enjoyed the visit :)

    I saw that a lot of other people people have reversed Navispammed you as well. Hehe, you know, with you visiting all these people, they may come back to visit you some day ;) Dath'remar is gonna be the hottest WoW tourist destination!

    1. Trust me, Cym would definitely get up for you! Right Cym! If I hadn't called her there would have been hell to pay!

  2. LOL! Ironyca turned the tables on you! That must have been such a nice surprise!

    1. It was a brilliant surprise and so thoughtful! You know, I love it when people visit me, and I'm so honoured and flattered, that when I visit someone I hope they would feel as I would. But maybe that's a bit of high hoping there :)

  3. I was still waking up as I was trying to navigate to Mulgore. :P But it's ok, it was a great visit, and you have a couple of posts to commemorate it :)

    Plus, Navi isn't shy about calling me in the morning. The other day she sent me 3 sms's within a min when I had only had 2 hours sleep! /sheesh! But the subject matter was worth it.

    1. See? Cym understands me :) Though she may wish I'd let her sleep in a bit more.

  4. Babe take me to that stone! I've never been there, where is this?

    1. It's in mulgore Cate! Will show u next time


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