A weekend of PvP dreams coming true

Half day Fridays are great.  It's a different time of day to the time I normally play so I get to see things a little differently, play with a different crowd.

Last Friday I got on and Thunderspank was on and I thought hey!  Perfect opportunity to get to do some PvP with him.  Was he up for it?  He sure was.  Brilliant.

I had only just invited him to party when Shab logged on.  Researchers have such a cushy life, I thought, but it turned out that he was on a sick day.  I asked him if he'd like to PvP with me, and of course, he said yes :)  When does Shab ever turn down a game?

I introduced the two, though I knew Shab would be thrilled - he read Thunder's post about AB - and wanted to PvP with someone who was serious about PvP.  So off we queued.

It was a dream run.  We had some close games, challenging ones, but we won every single thing we queued for.  Our first Gilneas was a 3 cap win.  Thunder asked if we wanted to go waterworks and so we did.  Was a good battle at waterworks, we fought them off, kept them off the flag.  By the time we had finished fighting there we had 3 caps and it was 50 seconds to a win.  Nice.

He switched to his paladin and we did a WSG.  Damn, we had no FC!  I grumbled but I carried 2 flags with Thunder healing me.  Everyone else seemed to be doing a good job engaging in the midfield.  All I remember was an annoying mage and thinking I don't want to FC I want to heal!  The last flag was carried by someone else and they capped it for a nice win.  Phew.  Lucky they didn't come in to attack me or I would have been dead meat.

Then we queued for EoTS.  It was a bad start.  We were close for a lot, probably with Alliance slightly ahead.  And then at the end, we had 3 bases, they had 1 base and the flag, and we were 1500 to their 1558.  Thunder said "gg" and people in the BG said "What for? We lost."  "Don't let them get one more base" as we watched the counter tick and we were 1600 to their 1591.  "See gg", said Thunder and everyone in the BG was pleased.  Hell, I was surprised too.  Thunder said to us "3 bases, is always better than 1 base and a flag".  But that was damn close!

Exe joined us and we did a Strand of the Ancients which went down in our favour as well.  But what struck me was how polite Thunderspank was!  He said hi to everyone as soon as he joined every battleground and there was no raging or telling people to be quiet when they were  being emo.  It made me look at my own behaviour, and though I am by no means rude when I join a BG, I haven't really made the point of being friendly.  A real gentleman!

Thunder had to go to bed and he took all the luck with him!  Our last game was a WSG against 5 rogues.... ugh.  A good try but rogues are my nemesis.

Now my other PvP excitement comes from rated BGs.  Cate of Pint Sized Paladin has been inviting me to her guild rated BGs, because she knows I love to do them, and want to learn.  She warned me, when I came, that her guild leader, Gate, though he's a good guy at heart, has a mouth like you would not believe.  And she was right.  Every second word that passes through his lips is a swear word.  Sometimes it's just jaw-dropping, but other times I hardly notice it.  I've even taken Sev a few times and he finds the whole thing amusing, though he has yet to be there for a win.  Gate's added me to realID so it's cool I can get in any time I want.  I feel a bit odd without my friend Cate there but they seem to have gotten used to me.  I even got to meet her fiance as well!  So that was pretty exciting for me :)

But this week, I was lucky.  I used some of my spare time and got into a few rated BGs, and got me some wins and some rating and some titles!

Snuck in a game on Saturday and my first rated BG win with their team, and that got my Scout.  That was pretty exciting!  And then today I was getting on before JD's appearance on Twisted Nether to chat to him and Arvash was on.  Then Gate asked me to do a rated and I took Arv with me and we won both games, BOTH EoTS.  I was damned thrilled to bits.  I was squealing my head off!  The first game got me Grunt, and the second game got me two titles - Sergeant and Senior Sergeant! I had to go Souglyy and Shabadu to tell them about it... their poor ears :)

And last night, since I got on late, I ended up doing serial BGs with Sev, Shab and Arv.  We won most of them - the first one, WSG, was cool because Arv capped 2 flags and then on the last one someone else was carrying it and then when we were in the flagroom they just stood there.  I wondered why didn't they cap?  And he dropped the flag!  And Arv picked it up, capped and got Ironman!  Wooo grats Arv!  That was pretty cool :) And real nice of that guy.

Then we had a Arathi Basin which was a decent battle and I got Arathi Basin Assassin.  That was sweet!  I don't know why it's taken me so long to get that, but I think that it has something to do with always being stuck on GM guard duty...


  1. That's awesome Navi, grats on your achievements and titles, woohoo! Those Rated BGs were definitely exciting and extremely hilarious, lol!

    1. Thanks Arv, he was funny wasn't he!

  2. Grats on the achieves and nice titles! :)

  3. Congrats on all those PvP achievements!

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    1. Ty Ancient! Sergeant Navi sounds much nicer than Senior Sergeant Navi. I think the latter makes me sound old(er).

  5. Grats Navi, thats a nice haul! :)

    And thank you for all the kind words. I had a lot of fun running with you, Shab and Execute. We must do it again soon.

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    1. Blogger is annoying like that sometimes. And you're welcome, sir.


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