A Navispam post - Who says I don't have a (Azerothian) life?

Well it's about time I got my act together and visited Dragonray (of Azerothian Life) on her home server!  I was lazy because she IS in my guild after all, on an alt.  I have alts on her server too who are even in her guild.

Dragonray brought out a range of her toys to show me, and entertained me with a picnic whilst she put on a real show! 
I could not get a decent shot of the rainbow generator.  Things die too fast!  And she did it a second time for me and STILL I couldn't get a decent pic.  I was cussing like a fishwife - poor Dragonray's eyes!

So many fun trinkets!  Thank you Dragonray for letting me come take pics of you :D  Consider yourself Navispammed!


  1. WOOT!!! I got the Navispamm!!

    It was fun :) I get that rainbow on all my toons and then when running dungeons I use it on the bosses for each kill...freaks soo many people out. It lasts much longer on boss fights.

    Thank you for spamming me - I feel honoured to have been counted amongst the spammed!

  2. I am the one who is honoured to have you as a friend and as my dear defender! Lol


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