A letter to Blizzard Re: Xserver Dragon Soul

Dear Blizzard,

I am writing to you because I would like you to seriously consider making the current Tier content available cross server for raiding.  Yes, I am talking about Dragon Soul.

When patch 4.3.2 came out, and realID cross server raiding (including battlegrounds) became available, it rejuvenated the old content.  People could do them again without having to wait for people on their own server to gather up.  It was brilliant.

It has been an exorbitantly long stretch between the release of Dragon Soul and the next new content.  As people take a rest for the upcoming expansion, raiding groups have collapsed.  Those who wish to raid can't, and then they decide to take a break as well.  I think that it would be a great way to keep subscriptions up, as people can do the current content, which has already been nerfed a significant amount, with friends, making it a comfortable relaxing environment.

Firelands (4.2)  was released on June 29, 2011.  Dragon Soul (4.3) was released on November 29, 2011.  We can do cross server Firelands, a raid which was current for only 5 months.  It has been more than 8 months since Dragon Soul was released.  So, you could ALMOST think of it as old content now.  Maybe.
Dotted all around the many servers are people of similar skill who would love to hook up.  It might even bring people back to the game, knowing they have some friends on other servers that they could play with.

I, myself, am in this situation too, and I know a lot of others as well.  I haven't raided with my guild in Dragon Soul for more than 2 months.  I have done it with PuGs on my server but people with similar dedication and skill and time availability are sorely limited.  Not to mention we have to compete with other people in the same situation snatching up tanks and heals and DPS leaving not much left for the other guilds to PuG.

Thank you for your consideration, and I am know I am not the only one who would love for this to happen.

Walk with the Earthmother,
Well, I wish I could send that.  With pre-patch downloading, we will have a ton of things to do again before Mists hits in September.  But I really miss raiding.  I have so many friends on other servers, I wish that I could raid with them in Dragon Soul, showing our skills during the most difficult content, which would be a truly enjoyable way to spend time in an MMO.

Next week, we will have our first attempt at trying to PuG Dragon Soul heroic 10 man.  7 members will be from our guild - 5 DPS and 2 healers.  A tank (with a heal offspec) would  be preferable as one of the pugs and a solid heroic tank as well, and also a DPS.  One thing we are lacking is bloodlust - without Voe healing (though I could try to ask him to come back) and a mage (everyone stop picking on Shab, because he's at heart a PvPer not a PvEer) we will be sorely crippled.

Last night, the 25 man PuG dragon soul happened again, led by Bear.  Gutsy told him that we would be trying our own 10 mans next week, and Bear had to inform the 25 man Dragon Soul that they probably would not be able to do DS again because the top 5 DPS would not be coming to the raid.  And unfortunately, my guildies do far exceed the skills of the PuGs and though it is fun to help them with their raiding, you have to understand that we need things that are challenging for our own skill level as well.  I spoke to Bear at the end of the raid, and asked if he was going to join us on an alt, because I would love his experience on Warmaster.  He has a solid strategy, one that we ourselves seemed yet unable to tackle successfully (because even though we have killed it a few times, it seems more LUCKY we get it rather than skill).  And I can't ask Gutsy - he is focussed on his job and not the overall planning and layout of the actual encounter.  And the other reason I wanted to take Bear was so that he could see our strategy for bosses, because I think he is, like me, very open to suggestions and ways to do things.

So fingers crossed we will do it.  I for one cannot wait for Wednesday.  My Wednesday excitement lives again.


  1. I'm glad myself and are not alone in feeling the same if only a Blizzard CEO read your blog.

  2. I can do bloodlust.... argh :)

  3. I was just talking about this with some guildies a few days ago. Dragon Soul is *long* overdue to be cross-server raidable. It would totally make the raid more worthwhile.

    Sadly, it won't happen until 5.0, at the earliest, and Mists' launch as a more realistic time. /sigh

    1. I know, but I can always hope right Achloryn? :D

  4. Yes, at the very least they should make the current tier cross-realm raidable once the stacking nerfs start.

    They better change mechanics in DS with 5.0. 8 sec cooldown on dispel for Zon'ozz is going to hurt! ;)

    1. More priests and mass dispel BANG dead raid :P


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