Zwingli's visit!

Guess what! Zwingli, from Zwingli's Weblog O' WoW sent me a tweet:

So last night he was online and noticed I was a bit busy and then sent me a tell when I was out of Firelands!  I went to go meet him (though how a blood elf hunter ends up in Thunderbluff while questing... I'm not sure).

We talked about potty training, computer troubles, and how he loves Thunderbluff and I said I would come visit him on his server soon and get a picture of the real him to stick on my wall of fame!  I had to change out of my scary clothes into my going out clothes for this pic.

LOL and then when I had to switch back to Navizor's PvP set to get ready for BGs, and Zwingli took a pic of that too!  LOL that's not the image I want to project! :D