Visiting Kamalia's homeground

I see Kamalia all the time, and also in JD's Laid back Raids, so I already had a pic of her, but I thought I should take a pic of her on her home server! And she wants a gold sticker too LOL!

So I ran out to meet her and DIED running to Bloodhoof Village... how embarrassing.  Kam got a crick in her neck while talking to me so I thought maybe she should change into something a little more comfortable....

So she pulled up a mushroom chair for me to sit on (what a wonderful hostess!) and it looked like she was going to bake me some cookies.  She also showed me two of her lovely transmogs.  This is her elemental set.

I had to see the pet that she had been working so hard for (Higher learning) so there he is, running along the bridge.  And the best thing - while it's night time on my server, it was bright day on hers, which made for some nice bright pics - all my other pics have been taken at night and don't look as good!


  1. It was so fun to meet with you, Navi! I'm glad we were able to both be on at a good time for it :D

    Looks like you've had a bunch of other awesome meetings recently, too!

    Sorry for the late response -- I've been on the road/at a family reunion for the last few days and only just now got my computer out. :P

  2. Oh that's ok! I noticed your site had been quiet so I figured you were busy! LOL it was fun to meet you on your home ground. Mulgore seems to be a popular place, followed closely by Dalaran!

    And yes, OMG it was exciting meeting so many people! Now I have to see if the next round of people will respond to a Navispam! :D


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