Thursday antics - Tanking is less scary now...

Well, I did something different.  I tanked heroic Dragon Soul dungeons today.  Not much though, because I was trying to do End Time and do Severed Ties, which we got this time yay!  I don't know if I've done Sylvanas before, because I had no idea what to do, thank goodness everyone is around to point me in the direction that I need to go!

Then we tried to do Lazy Eye for Lushnek.  Phew that was a tough one!  Took Tacky along as well.  It was tough the first time round, and it was the same this time around.  I am a little better at avoiding the eyes though (I guess I've had 3 hours more practice or I'm just lucky and we did the "kill everyone and rez after the eyes go away technique" which seems to be the best option).  So Lush, Gutsy and McTacky got that achievement, and Sev helped as well so it was good, we had one suicider.

I knew it would take ages.  And it did.  That Achievement addon thing is good - it goes "NEEEP" if you fail the achievement, so we can start again.  It probably took us about 6-7 goes to get it, and we had one attempt where I did manage to avoid the eyes but Gutsy died and Lushnek was up and trying to heal and he rezzed Sev who died... oh I dunno it was just messy.  But it was good getting it done but if people want me to do it again I think I might have to wait a week before doing it again.

The fear of tanking has settled a little.  I think I've got the hang of the lacerate + pulverise thing now, but mobs running away still makes me nervous as well as positioining bosses.  And interrupts.  I hope I can interrupts if I did a real boss, like a raid boss.

Anyway, Shab was on last night so I just HAD to go do some PvP.  There was an awesome Battle for Gilneas (LOL Slice calls it Failneas!) where we were behind the 8 ball for so much of the game.  The game started as usual - I looked at our team and thought, "Hey, our team is well geared, look at that hunter!" and I was feeling pretty positive.  We started off with our usual opener - straight to Lighthouse.  We were intercepted on the way there, got thrown off our mounts but I shifted out of Frost Nova and kept running to heal the assault.  Sev and Gutsy were left behind.  Lighthouse was tagged by Alliance.  Mines was tagged by Horde.  Waterworks was tagged by Alliance.  So we fought on the flag, tried to cap... interrupted!  Lighthouse is taken by Alliance!  The last Alliance was killed as I was tapping Lighthouse and woot, Horde has assaulted Lighthouse!  But then, Mines was uncapped and tagged by Alliance... and most of the game it was like that - 2 for Alliance, 1 for us.  Alliance repelled all assaults on Mines and waterworks, with 5 each on both nodes.  They got to 1100 and we were on 300 or so and Sev said "If we don't get something soon... we're not going to win this."  Gutsy and Sev were trying to assault nodes and they were being hammered down... they were trying to sneak over to Waterworks and were intercepted, Sev was nearly dead... he ran towards me at Lighthouse so I could heal him up and then he went back to try to save Gutsy.  Then the two of them went around the back to Waterworks.  A few minutes, Horde had assaulted Waterworks.  Woot!  It was as if the fight went back into everyone (well, none of us had given in yet, but the others may have felt a bit despondent) and we held on for a while, with 2 bases, struggling to catch up.  Waterworks was tagged and held by Horde.  Alliance organised their offensive and assaulted Lighthouse, and with me by myself there, it wasn't going to be pretty.  I held 2 of them off the flag for a few seconds, but it wasn't long before I was killed and I rezzed at Waterworks just in time to heal an Alliance assault on it.  We were holding on... just.  Alliance held Mines.  Suddenly, Mines was assaulted - that hunter had got it, whilst Gutsy and another person were distracting it.  Suddenly, Lighthouse was defended, by that hunter as well!  In the last moments of that game, we 3 capped and we won.  It was an amazing game, and Sev and Shab got Don't Get Cocky Kid for their efforts.

Hm.  That was a long paragraph.  I should have turned it into a short story instead.

We had a few other good battles - there was a decent AB and a WSG, and a Twin Peaks that was a comfortable win.  We lost our last game but with so many wins under our belt, I didn't really mind.


  1. LOL, your tanking now??This i gota see :P



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