Sunday raiding - Gutsy drags Navi to a PuG heroic DS

I logged on and Aza wasn't on, so I thought I'd be free to heal a few heroics as I saw Nightvyxen was on.  But they were in Ulduar and I was saved so I couldn't help them.  Booo.

So I decided to PvP.  I was in the last few minutes of a winning Gilneas when Gutsy asked if I was free to heal for heroic DS.  It's weird doing Dragon Soul again after not having done it for weeks.  He has been raiding with The Empire for a few weeks now and he told me that they were a bunch of nice people.  I said sure, and they wanted me to come now so I had to afk out, quickly respec and then get my ass down there.  I admit I was a bit worried because he was always linking me his healing done and it seems to be much more than I do when I did heroic DS.  Maybe I don't play my druid properly...

I thought I might have forgotten how to do it, but it didn't take long to get back into it.  Was only Yor'sahj after all, and I wasn't sure what they did for it, but I asked them what they did for it and they asked if I could do the big heals.  That was easy, I could do that.

However, I forgot the first one was a black/blue/red and I thought there was a purple there and so I wasn't pumping out the heals at first.  Anyway after the shaman died (whoops!) I realised my mistake and that most of the heals were being done by ME, so I just used HT a lot and swiftmended the pet whenever possible.  Hoping that nobody would step in and out of the circle!

It seemed to take forever, and they did the pop the mana void each turn rather than save it, which could be hair raising.  But the boss went down and it was ok.  Then they decided that they would try heroic Hagara for the first time.  Damn, they'd done Zon'ozz already?  Crud :P

I felt a bit funny, and it's totally not their fault when they ask if I have done it before.  I remember Gutsy felt the same way the first time he raided with them, and they asked him if he had done stuff. However, he was on his druid which hasn't done any heroic stuff so I could understand that.  And as a visitor, I didn't like telling them how to do things, and it's so hard to do things someone else's different way when I'm used to another way.  They asked Gutsy for some tips on how to do the encounter, and his understanding of the fight is worse than mine!  So then I actually spoke and told them how we do it.  And a bit of how my friend Cavendar does it - and we did try his stay in the middle in ice phase method, but it must be an OP pally thing coz it bloody HURT.  However, I also explained to them about the importance of ice lances, and how we do lightning phase.   They don't seem to have as much issue with chaining lightning as we did, because they seemed to get the lightning phases down really well.

Anyway, the ice phase was a killer.  People kept dying.  Dispels were too early.  I asked the priest to practice running and let me and Guts do dispels to see if that made a difference, but then they wanted to try the strat of finish each pylon off before we move to the next one and boy the damage then is huge and hard to heal and dispel and then we get slowed and it's just damn NUTS!  The concept is quite good though, and later in the night they split into two groups to do it and the idea of it is good but the healing of it is really heavy.

I must have done alright because they asked me to come back, but tomorrow is PvP day and I want to bash some heads.  And with no guild repair money (since we are not raiding) these encounters get might expensive!

Shab, Sev and Lush were online at 11pm waiting for me to PvP so we went and did a few bgs.  I dragged Arv along not realising Gutsy wasn't going to bed like he normally does, because he was on holidays as he's got his son with him.  With Arv flag carrying it was a nice run for WSG and Twin Peaks.  We managed to queue with Gutsy as well, and when Arv left we just did one or 2 last BGs to finish off the night.  It's a nice feeling when Horde kicks ass all night.

But it was fun to raid again.  I had missed it.  But with Arv coming to hang on Wednesday, I want to be free to do something since we will have 2 tanks :)  Heroic Firelands sounds good!  But since Arv has done that already, I might have to find something a little more tempting.

Sev decided to buy a Vial of the Sands - 31k - and join the fun


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