Rated BG research - applying it to my team

Once I get my teeth into something I find it hard to let it go.  And rated BG research has taken over my brain and I've been thinking about it all day.

The whole leading a rated BG thing makes me a bit anxious.  I mean Aza, Sev and Shab have much more BG experience than me... Aza though gets a bit angry sometimes so I get a bit scared, and Sev is too quiet to be forceful.  So Shab, who is very level headed and loves to research was a perfect choice for the DPS leader, and with me just doing the overall BG bit (and not being FC as well) I think that's going to work.  Which is part of the reason why I feel like I need to research.

Anatomy (whose toon now no longer exists!) wrote a most excellent post in WoW Forums which I linked in my previous rated BG post.  It was so well researched and helpful as a guide!  It's a bit of a wall of text so I summarised it here with some relevance towards my own group:

Having a real tank
I know this is where we were let down.  Warrior tank is best according to Anatomy, but we don't have the luxury of even having ONE tank!  Arv said he would like to come, and Anatomy said that Paladins are the weakest FCs... but we can make it work!

We have 3 healers.  Paladin healers are the strongest and Druids don't rate a mention so I was feeling a little bit like the underdog there.  And he says run with 4 healers - wow.  I guess if you keep living DPS do more damage than dead ones.  So we have a shaman, a druid and a priest, Parm could go holy if he wanted.  I hadn't really thought of Jinj going O healing because of her purges, but from now on, she and Gutsy will be O healers I think.  That dispelling of enemy buffs is gold.

A CC group
This was such a lightbulb moment!  I hadn't even THOUGHT of this, and reading it sounded fantastic!  Basically 2 stealthies go around and ninja cap a flag with serial ccs (lone guard).  I started thinking about Shab and Lushnek sneaking around and and then Lush cycloning, the person trinketing out and then Shab polying them and then cap!

Anatomy said Rogues are essential for a rated BG.  I thought about whether to ask Roshii and Souglyy to come and I think they would like to come but are a bit anxious about competitive PvPing.  But they are both excellent players so I'm sure it won't be hard to get them more PvP ready for solo action.  Souglyy would be fantastic for flag guard and also for DPS peel as well.

Team thoughts
But what's going to happen with Jinj's friends?  I really liked playing with them, though Arashi and Parm are the two I like most.  And what about McTacky?  He would like to come too.  I guess with more PvP gear and practice it would be good.  And he should definitely stay heals since that's what he likes.  I guess, raids are fluid, it depends who is on, and who wants to come.  Arashi and Parm as meat shields is so useful, I think.  And what about Exe?  He's a loose cannon but I could give him a chance to play as a team.  He might enjoy that.

I have to admit, that Shab, Sev and I have very similar play mentality.  We never give up.  Even if we're losing, we are still fighting with the best of our ability.  If we're the last in an arena we still run around trying to prolong the match when really, we should die quick so we can go do another game.  Even if a BG is about to lose we are still off killing someone or fighting for our last flag.  Which is probably why Arena is so much fun.  I noticed a few of our team had a bit of the giving up attitude, which is not a bad thing, but just a different attitude.

Duelling others is very good practice for flag defence.  I think everyone on the team should engage in regular duelling practice.  Having Arashi and Parm there was good for me so I had new people to duel, and duelling Parm was an eye opener - he absolutely SMASHED me.  Sev snickered at me for dying so fast to a ret pally but I got my own back - he nearly died to Parm as well which would have been REALLY embarrassing.  When Aza duelled Parm he still had 70% health left... /grins at Sev.  Arashi was going soft on me I think because that duel lasted so long I gave up because a queue popped or something.

Last night I rang Shab to talk about rated BGs.  He's similar to me in that way because he had been t thinking about it too, and doing research.  We talked for ages about combos, strats, team composition and just reliving cool game moments - like when we were in AB (non rated BG) fighting at GM and that rogue and Boomkin came... they were good players.   We struggled keeping our flag, but it was a good battle!  We laughed about me dying then running in to save him as I rezzed - he even noticed me sprinting in travel form to heal him up when he was ice blocked.  I couldn't remember why they weren't capping the flag, but Shab says it's because Sev saved us.

So, maybe I should change rated BG day to Sunday so Arv can come.  Having a tank would be cool.  And though we don't have the perfect group to do a rated BG, that's the whole fun of it.  Who wants to be just another cookie cutter rated BG?  Winning as an underdog is always that much more satisfying... just like beating a priest/rogue/mage team in 3s :D


  1. Good luck with RBGs!

    Just adding my 2 cents to the advice you got above - I'd go with 3 healers over 4. My team used to run with 4 and I feel like we got a lot better when we dropped down to 3. Having only 5 dps really limits your burst capabilities. If people focus on cc'ing the opposing teams hard hitting dps, there will be less healing to do.

    I wish resto Druids were more desired in RBGs, and pvp in general.

    1. Thanks Jas! I like that tip as I am uncomfortable using 4 healers. It is a shame that the guides think of us as less desirable but I intend to work hard at being more desirable :)

  2. i'd be happy to do a rated bg nav!


  3. Same, count me in, will be fun :)


  4. I know Sev's pretty good at calling kill targets when we do our small group bgs, so I'm happy to let him have a go calling kill targets too, or anyone else who feels confident to do it. I emailed you some potential strats and team comps last night btw.

  5. I will need to practice offensive healing. I generally play defense in all BG scenarios. Parm and Arashi have enjoyed running with us, and are keen to remain doing so in future as well :)

    - Jinjer

    1. I think lots of purging and healing is on the cards! But depending on how we go you may have Guts dispelling with you. I like Parm and Arashi, glad they are keen to come.

  6. My RGB team fc is druid (my fiance) He's a feral dps, he can ninja cap, fc and good thing is he can heal. I am the fc main healer, I think because paladin is good single target heal. CC usually go to mage and rogue :) I like priest as well, my priest mainly focus on bgs and arena. I seldom do pve for her.

    1. Ferals can heal? If you can call that healing ... :P Those ferals who can instant cyclone me scare me!
      I'll have to ask you more about this!

    2. Yes my fiance set a macro that heals him half of his health. That's a big chance to win. I will ask him about that macro. Btw he discovered a secret hiding place in Twin Peaks lol and no one expect that, we won that rbg that day :)


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